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Teenage Daughter

What My Graduating Senior Has Taught Me About Parental Control

If you’re the parent of a graduating senior, this is probably a bittersweet time for you, and you may be wondering how this person you’ve raised, who is now officially an adult, is going to make it “out there” when he or she is still a child in so many ways. I mean, what are […]

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Fan Section: Population One

That chair. Fan section: population one. My son’s fan section at any given sporting event or activity,  ninety-nine percent of the time consistents of one person. Me. Sure, sometimes, the other kids at baseball and soccer have one parent or person cheering them on. Reminding them to keep their eye on the ball, keep their […]

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Dealing with Age Gaps and Bridging the Great Divide

I have two daughters. Two lovely angels sent directly from above. They are great girls. They get along well, most of the time. But lately, I find myself struggling when it comes time to have some fun together. See – my daughters are 5 years apart. When Lucy was 7 and Sally was 2, activities […]

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Detroit Fireworks

2017 Detroit Fireworks Guide

One of the best parts of summer is ending a fulfilled day cuddled up on a blanket, and letting out the "ooh, ahh" at the yearly firework show in your community. "Going to the fireworks" is an affordable and memorable outing for your family! If you're anything like me you find yourself wandering aimlessly on websites looking [...]
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