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Ultimate Holiday Guide-9

Detroit Moms Blog’s Ultimate Holiday Guide 2017

We are halfway through November and with plans for Thanksgiving feasts are in place we are also looking ahead to December and all of the fun activities that come with the holiday season. Each of the below images will take you to a guide specific to that topic. From holiday lighting to parades, visits with [...]
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Top 9 Reasons Why You Need A Cranbrook Membership

It only took ONE visit for my family to fall in love with Cranbrook Institute of Science. I could think of countless reasons why everyone I know should be a member (they’re running 20% OFF memberships with code DMB20!), but here’s my top nine reasons why your family needs a Cranbrook membership… >>> Get Your Membership […]

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Destination: Detroit Outdoor Adventure Center

Outdoor Adventure Center: Detroit, Michigan. I have to say, I was never one of the moms who thought about hosting my kids birthday party anywhere but home; I know, crazy right. However, the anxiety I would get going to a bouncy birthday party left me in a state that was not so great. Plus I […]

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The Ultimate Library Guide: In + Around Detroit

Winter blues setting in? Cold weather got you down? Our Ultimate Library Guide has you covered! Now that another Michigan winter is officially upon us, we thought you might like some ideas for free indoor activities to keep you and your kids hopping into spring! Many local libraries and book stores offer programs that encourage […]

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Football & Hunting Wives: A Survival Guide

I love the fall. I always have. I love pumpkins patches and hayrides; football tailgates, warm cozy sweaters and drives to see the changing leaves. I even got married outdoors in the fall so all the gorgeous color could be a part of our wedding. Then it all changed for me. My already football obsessed, […]

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Detroit Historical Museum graphic

Detroit Historical Museum (More fun than it sounds!)

One of my favorite places downtown is the Detroit Historical Museum. It’s a great, free museum, and definitely one of the city’s hidden gems – but it shouldn’t be that way! It’s the perfect spot for kids and adults to learn about the history of Detroit, and is an awesome place to visit on a […]

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