Passionate About the Community
and the Moms Who Live Here

Meet Our Founder


Elizabeth Lewis, founder of DMB! 

I’m a full-time work-from-home mom as of 18 months ago with a passion for just about everything.  I have an insane amount of interests outside of DMB and rarely have time for them. I love cooking, and eating my way through new restaurants! I’m pretty sure I missed my calling as a party planner. Planning any type of get together is my jam and I’m notorious for serving way too much food. I take a ridiculous amount of photos that I rarely print off. I love controlled chaos and the type of organization where only I know where to find things. I choose to be healthy  + happy and constantly find myself struggling with the I’ll start on Monday type of healthy. I went from a teenager {Lauren} to a fournager {Harper} and toddler {Nolan}. Insane, right?! I married my best friend on a beach in Negril {ONE of my absolute favorite place} 5 years ago. I love my littles more than anything and strive to be the best mother I can be on a daily basis. I try to spend less time worrying about having a perfectly clean home and more time making memories. I attempt to live life to the fullest, leaving out the negative and letting go of the unchangeable past. I absolutely love connecting with moms within my community and supporting local businesses. I’ve always wanted a voice as a mother and a place that I wouldn’t be judged by my choices. I look forward to connecting with YOU, whether it be online or off. We all have a story to tell…