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Teenage Daughter

What My Graduating Senior Has Taught Me About Parental Control

If you’re the parent of a graduating senior, this is probably a bittersweet time for you, and you may be wondering how this person you’ve raised, who is now officially an adult, is going to make it “out there” when he or she is still a child in so many ways. I mean, what are […]

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Lindsay - Motherhood

Welcome to Motherhood: All That I Do Not Know

Hello, and Welcome to Motherhood. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re new to this gig and haven’t the slightest clue as to what you’re doing. (If you do know what you’re doing, great job! I hope to get there too . . . eventually.) Not to worry, fellow Momma, for you are in good company. […]

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Someone Has To Handle The Vomit

By now you’ve seen it. The photo of an adorable, vomit covered toddler (named Declan) in a car seat and Dad’s one-sided text conversation accompanying it. In no time at all, the post went viral. Dad tried desperately to get ahold of Mom who is out and not answering his calls or texts. He is a self-proclaimed “sympathetic vomiter” and […]

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