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The 10 Things I’ll Miss About Michigan

Recently the movers came to pack us up and we headed across the country on a journey that will change our lives.  When it comes to military life, one has very little say in where they send you.  We left the mitten kicking and screaming.  Our roots here run deep and we’re very sad to go, even if it’s only for a little while. We moved to California this time, where my family of 4 will be for the next 3 years.

One list that keeps getting longer and longer is the one containing all the things about the city and state that I love so much that I will miss dearly and I yearn for the day when I return (or receive a care package in California) to these amazing things. Here are the top ten in no particular order…

1.)  Coneys:  Whether it be Lafayette or American or even good ol’ National Coney Island – I love me some Coney dogs (2 with everything to be exact!) I know they have different styles of hot dogs just about everywhere, but nothing beats the chili, the mustard and the onions and of course – the sound of the snap when you bite in.

2.) Vernors: I don’t care what anyone says; Vernors is medicine in my book.  When I was pregnant with my son and living in South Carolina my husband tried to cure nausea with Canada Dry and Schweppes Ginger Ale.  It did nothing – if not make me more nauseated.  In college when I got food poisoning, my lovely roommates asked what they could do to help and the only thing I could mumble from the toilet was “Vernors, please!”  There’s just something about it – and I think that thing is magic.  

3.) Eastern Market: I’m 33 years old and would you believe that I have lived in Detroit most of my life and have never been until a year ago??  From Flower Day to the amazing food trucks to the locally grown produce and the Saturday markets with local jewelers, cooks, artists and more, it’s so uniquely Detroit and it’ll take a lot to find anything to truly compares.  

4.) Sister Pie: I was introduced to this cute little shop at the corner of Kercheval and Parker St. in Detroit by the founder of Detroit Moms Blog, Elizabeth.  My husband is in LOVE with their peanut butter and paprika cookies and as for me, their chocolate coconut pie and double chocolate and by double I mean triple chocolate cookies (yes, that’s really what they call them!)  They always use local and wholesome ingredients when they can and they do a lot of good work for the community. They also offer a pie crust making class!  

5.) Paczki:  The first year we lived in South Carolina, in February I made a call to the local bakery to place my paczki order because that’s what we always have done!  After a long pause, the woman said she would have to look it up and after I explained what it was she offered me an assorted variety of jelly donuts.  Thanks, lady, but it’s just not the same.  Three years with no paczki?  No good. 

6.) Detroit sports: We’ll be close to the San Francisco Giants,  the San Jose Sharks, the Oakland A’s, the Sacramento Kings, the Golden State Warriors, the San Francisco 49ers, and that’s great, but you know who that doesn’t beat?  The Detroit Tigers, The Detroit Red Wings, The Detroit Pistons, and yes, even The Detroit Lions.  You can bet that whatever sporting events we attend while we live in California, I’ll be “that girl” sporting Detroit sports gear.  Always. 

7.) Snow: Yep.  I said it.  I’ll actually miss the snow.  Although the past few winters have been mild and the snow never really stuck around for a long time, I’ll miss the fact that it won’t be a “White Christmas” and that we will probably decorate a palm tree or two around the holidays.  When we lived in South Carolina it snowed for the first time in years and while everyone who was native to the area stayed inside and took shelter, my husband and I considered going outside and building a snowman!  

8.) Michigan’s West Coast: From Grand Rapids all the way up to Traverse City, I have yet to find something so beautiful as a drive up the West Coast of Michigan in the Fall. We lived in Ludington for 3 years and I’d look forward to my trips to and from Detroit simply because of how scenic it is.  Watching the Badger pull in and out of the dock, playing on the beach in Frankfort, wine tasting in Traverse City or enjoying the United States Coast Guard Festival in Grand Haven. 

9.) Fall: Like I said about Michigan’s West Coast, the changing seasons and the beautiful colors that we see during the fall months is something I will miss.  During low points, I always find myself gravitating toward photos of fall in Michigan.  The colors cheer me up and are so awe-inspiring.  I’m proud to call Michigan my home and this is one of the reasons why. 

10.) Detroit Moms Blog: Although I still plan to be an active member here at DMB, I will miss the girls nights, the meetings, the planning and the friendships I’ve made.  Girls, I will be back in 3 years and I cannot wait to see all of the wonderful things DMB is going to do and how much we’re going to grow!  We’ve come so far!  To our readers: We’re so grateful to you and thank you so much for your faithful support of our mission!  

Some honorable mentions include, but are not limited to: Better Made Potato Chips, Faygo Beverages, Koegel Hot Dogs, Sanders and Morley Candy, Construction barrels *sarcasm* and  fishfly season *also sarcasm* 


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  1. Kate Lochner August 11, 2017 at 1:59 pm #

    Oh my, so much love for this post. My husband and I lived on the West Coast for almost 7 years – 5 in Southern California and almost 2 in Vancouver, WA. I had both my kids out there. I was born and raised in Detroit and ached to be back with family! We just moved back here to Detroit a year ago.

    All the best to you! Northern California is beautiful. And if you ever make a trip down to San Diego, Coronado Island is like a little piece of Heaven. 🙂

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