12 Detroit Neighborhoods to Watch

My fondest first memories of Detroit involve driving through its historic neighborhoods and choosing which houses might one day be mine. (This was before I had accepted the harsh reality that the Charles T. Fisher mansion would never be called “home.”) At that time, sprawling estates could be purchased for a fraction of what they’re worth now. The houses just needed a little love!

A lot has changed in Detroit in the past decade. (This is an understatement.) I still enjoy detouring through the city’s residential neighborhoods on my way downtown for a date night, or showing off the gorgeous real estate to visitors from out of town. It’s become quite a hobby to follow along from home, scrolling through pictures and taking virtual tours from my couch. A special shout-out to [insert your house-hunting site of choice] for countless hours of entertainment!

Here are 12 Detroit neighborhoods I love to follow, classified by region. {Pardon my brevity as I try to describe them all while staying within my word count – each neighborhood truly deserves its own post!}

Palmer Park

Palmer Woods – With its sprawling lots, large houses, and prestigious reputation, homes here tend to be at upper end of the price range. Keep your eye out for some mid-century gems!

Sherwood Forest – Next door to Palmer Woods is slightly-more-affordable Sherwood Forest. It has cozy, winding streets and is walkable to the revitalizing Livernois Avenue of Fashion, a major Detroit shopping district in the 1950s.

University District – Named for its proximity to University of Detroit, UD offers block after block of unique brick Tudors. This area will benefit from the development at 7 Mile and Livernois that is set to be completed in the next several months.


Grandmont-Rosedale – This area has benefited from a huge homegrown revitalization over the last few years, as community members have worked to clean up lawns and vacant properties.

North End/Midtown

Boston Edison – Boston Edison has wide boulevards and many famous mansions (including the Charles T. Fisher mansion I mentioned earlier!). A lot of beautiful rehabbed houses have been coming on the market west of the Lodge.

Woodbridge – It’s rare to see a single family home come on the market in Woodbridge, but with its gorgeous Victorian houses and close proximity to Midtown, it’s worth watching.


Mexicantown – Here is a neighborhood that has always had a special charm. Mexicantown is a cultural enclave with numerous places to grab authentic, delicious Mexican food.

Corktown – Who doesn’t love Corktown and its adorable, Victorian-style homes? Though the lots are on the smaller side, you can’t beat the countless nearby restaurants and bars along Michigan Avenue.

Hubbard-Richard – Expect Hubbard-Richard to start booming with Ford’s announcement of purchasing nearby Michigan Central Station.

The Villages

West Village – West Village has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. There’s lots to do, with new restaurants and shops and the Butzel Family Recreation Center nearby.

Indian Village – Similar to Palmer Woods and Boston Edison, Indian Village is well-known for its large, historic mansions, and it is adjacent to all that West Village has to offer.

East English Village – This neighborhood is tucked in near the Grosse Pointes and full of cute, affordable, single-family homes. East English Village has garnered a lot of attention as the winner of the Curbed Cup for two consecutive years (2017-2018).

Which Detroit neighborhoods do you love best?
Which ones should we add to our list?

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