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mary school prep

School Prep For The Busy and Crazed Mom

I know, I’m like you and the notion of “back to school” makes me want to throw up a little bit. I am the mom who cries on the first day of school—sometimes bordering on a crazy person. Though my kids may drive me crazy at times, I love having them home and hate sending […]

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Lauren H Lunchbox drama 1 title

Lunchbox Drama

Alright, you know that “mom” who has the “perfect” kids and the “perfect” life? The mom who does everything she has ever pinned on Pinterest {and she has like 1,000 pins}?! Or the mom that makes that perfect teacher present, perfect birthday cake, or her kids do not know what sugar is? You know who […]

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Lil’ Pnuts Review and {Giveaway}

Little Pnuts Toy Review I’ll never forget that little voice saying, “Harper got mail”. She was so excited when I told her that the Little Pnuts package was just for her. I didn’t realize how exciting receiving mail would be to a 2 year old!!! I’m a huge {huge} advocate for educational toys. I couldn’t […]

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Mary mama drama

Why The Mama Drama?

When you have kids you naturally assume that you are going to be dealing with grownups, right? I thought that when I became a mom I entered a very mature and supportive community…and yet I was shocked when the mama drama started early on. No matter how much you hear about the mommy wars or […]

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annette Summer Salad Stone Fruit

A Summer Gathering :: Stone Fruit Salad and Easy Mocktail

I truly love having a social get together with friends.  Especially the kind of gathering where you get to try out new culinary skills.  Or at least pretend like you have culinary skills!  The kind of skills that are needed to turn Pinterest into real life…..!  {Sometimes it’s all about the presentation, a perfect white dish and colorful food can be all you need!} Pretty food does make […]

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