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Kate Bell Bio

Introducing the DMB’s of Kate…

{Down with Detroit} I love Detroit. It’s part of my story, my roots, me. After traveling to far parts of the world and living in different states, I have a special appreciation for the city that I call home. I am happy to be back in the D, raising my family. I treasure the memories I […]

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Erin wNickinLudington

Introducing the DMBs of Erin…..

Hi! I’m Erin, and I’m really excited to join the team. I’ve been looking for an outlet outside of work where I can flex my skills and sort out some of my thoughts on the crazy roller coaster of parenting, and so I’m excited to share with you all, and learn from the other contributors, […]

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Sharon cash envelope

Family Finances :: Managing Family Money

Two things I know for sure: 1) Financial situations require open communication between all involved parties. 2) __(can you guess?)_________  has significantly lowered the amount of gaps in communication with my husband. As August wrapped up, my husband and I were faced with an increase in our monthly rent and once again were looking at our finances.  For […]

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Annette Birthday Party Checklist 3

Birthday Party Checklist

I LOVE celebrating my kiddos!  Their birthdays are usually full of little extras from mom.  I can go, well, just a little overboard when it comes to their birthdays.  I am a DIY’er but usually leave everything to the last minute, which happens to be a stressful combination.  Luckily every party I plan the process has become easier than the last. […]

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