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You Did {NOT}-5

You Did {NOT} Just Say That

Ever wonder why people feel like they can say whatever they want to pregnant women? Pregnant mamas everywhere, you are not alone. And it’s (unfortunately) not just men that make those comments. Women that have gone through the birthing process themselves have been caught with their foot in their mouth!   I tapped into my mommy network […]

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What’s in a label?

Have you ever wondered what all of those little stickers on your apples, tomatoes, and other produce were for?  Or the barcode on the everything else at the grocery store?  Surprisingly, they actually contain information that you might want to know! The four and five digit codes on produce stickers are to help make checkout […]

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My Son Hated T-Ball, and That’s OK.

Each spring and summer, my Facebook news feed is filled with pictures of my friends’ little boys playing T-Ball. Smiling faces, freshly starched uniforms and captions reading “Jimmy’s First Game!” or “Tommy Got a Home Run!” I myself posted such a picture last year: my son is in his uniform, smiling and assuming a batting […]

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Momma on an Ice Cream Mission

On National Ice Cream day I set out on a mission. But where was a foodie mom to begin? The revitalization of Detroit has brought start ups to the city like the super fun Detroit Pop Shop (check out pictures of this local MOMpreneur, husband and sweet baby on instagram @thedetroitpopshop or I love […]

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