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Let's Talk About Poop, Baby

Let’s Talk About Poop, Baby.

Yes, poop. I’m just going to dispense with the formal ‘fecal matter’ term, and call a spade a spade. It’s poop. And it’s something that  parents of young children deal with. All. The. Time. Albeit a taboo and unsavory topic, it’s an important one. From the moment your precious little bundle of joy enters the […]

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Destination: Detroit Outdoor Adventure Center

Outdoor Adventure Center: Detroit, Michigan. I have to say, I was never one of the moms who thought about hosting my kids birthday party anywhere but home; I know, crazy right. However, the anxiety I would get going to a bouncy birthday party left me in a state that was not so great. Plus I […]

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Sledding Hills GRAPHIC

Best Sledding Hills In + Around the D

  Can you believe the amount of snow we’ve gotten since yesterday morning?! After the mild winter we’ve had it’s a little nice to get some snow before winter disappears. We do live in Michigan so the unpredictable weather that drives us nuts is also what we’ve come to love about Michigan. The fact that […]

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Love Heart Tree In Amazing Landscape

Finding the Blessings

When you are awoken at 2:30 am by a large “Whoomp” noise that shakes your house, followed by the smell of something burning, it’s hard to see a blessing in it. When you find yourself at an all night super store at 3am buying a carbon monoxide detector so you can sleep peacefully, it seems […]

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Meet Me at The Barre

Meet Me at the Barre {Mom’s Night Out}

We are thrilled to announce our first Meet Me at The Barre event with The Barre Code in Birmingham! Are you ready for a Moms Night Out that will leave you feeling amazing?! Bring your friends or make some new ones! Who doesn’t love a great way to connect with other moms? I don’t know about […]

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