2017: The Year of YES!

I don’t know about you, but the only time I religiously devote to pleasure reading is on vacation. Thankfully on my last family trip, I was only six months late to my book club’s reading of Shonda Rhimes’ book, Year of Yes, but now I can check it off my book club bucket list. And after I turned the final page, it had me thinking about this upcoming year…


This year, I will speak my mind.

Most people wouldn’t describe me as meek or shy. I am someone, though, that is agreeable and hates conflict. I’m a people-pleaser and often have a difficult time giving my honest opinion to those whom I don’t have a close relationship. What’s the sense in being an individual if you’re afraid to speak your mind or be honest with who you are? It’s all about delivery. Being honest, humble and kind with words can go a long way. Besides, if someone can’t appreciate your honesty and opinion, do they really value your friendship if you’re not true to who you are?

This year, I will say ‘yes’ to things I normally might steer away from.

I like barre classes, sushi and reality tv. One might say that I’m ‘basic,’ or ‘vanilla’ because I tend to operate on similar routines/behaviors. I’m not afraid of change at all but sometimes I feel comfort in knowing what an outcome might be. If something at a restaurant is consistently delicious, why gamble on a so-so meal? Not this year; I’m going to take the path less traveled and use an open mind when it comes to new ways to do something, try new recipes, and accepting adventures that others lay out for me. As long as you don’t come at me with an 8′ python, I’m game for making new memories {within reason}.

This year, I will love my body.

Women are so. freaking. hard. on themselves. Whether you’re a working mom trying to keep everything afloat, a SAHM trying to stay sane, or a single mom busting your butt, give yourself a break. We wear 100 different hats and attempt to make everyone happy before even *thinking* about our happiness. I will take time for me: exercise an hour a day, book a massage for an hour of quiet time, or just take a look in the mirror and tell myself that I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished that day. I won’t worry about the silly numbers on a scale; I’ll look at myself as a whole person and acknowledge that the love I’m capable of giving to others starts on the inside.


This year, I will say ‘yes’ to saying ‘no.’

Sounds kinda backwards, huh? But this one is straight from the Queen Gladiator herself. I’m going to say ‘no’ to the things that I have no desire to do. The things that take up time away from my family and friends or that don’t fulfill me. As previously noted, I’m a people-pleaser and have a hard time saying ‘no’ because of guilt. Like people actually care if I’m one of 85 guests at their bridal shower. Sometimes I forget that I have a husband, toddler and dog at home and they’d like to spend time with me on a weeknight and weekend. Unless I’m required to attend, or have a true passion for what’s happening, this year I’m “allowing” myself to say ‘no!’

This year, I will surround myself with people that bring out the best in me.

Similarly to speaking my mind and saying ‘no,’ surrounding myself with positive vibes is important to get the most out of any situation. Hindsight is 20/20 and I’m sure we can all look back on a relationship or friendship and now see that the effort, charity or compassion was a little more one-sided than equally shared. Why waste your time on people that don’t genuinely share the same passions, values or commitment in a relationship? As I’ve gotten older I can truly see that quality means significantly more than quantity. 

If you’re looking for some motivation as we kick off 2017 and aren’t a fan of resolutions, make the time to read the Year of Yes. It’ll inspire you to make YOU the focus of your life and let all other people, places and things fall into place.

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