A Love Letter to Our Nannies

Playing with Boss while Mom and Dad were at work

Dear Haley and Brinley,

Our family has been blessed with four beautiful girls. We are blessed with two jobs, health, and a house over our heads. Real talk though. As a working mother, one of the, if not THE, greatest blessing I have experienced outside of becoming a parent is you, our fantastic nannies. I am not kidding when I tell you that Rob and I love you more than each other. We have talked about it. We both feel the same, and it’s okay. Heaven forbid we split up and end up in a custody battle over two grown women. Anyone else needs a babysitter? Too bad. I ain’t sharing. You are too wonderful, and other parents can’t be trusted to not steal you. I am more likely to build a suite for you in my basement than my own mother. Sorry Ma. In all seriousness though, I can’t imagine parenting without you.

Mommy and Me. No Mommy in sight means more fun for this Little Genius.

Haley, you have been with our family longer than I have. You started babysitting Brynn and Maya before and after school before Rob and I even met. You walked with them to and from school everyday. You braided and curled hair, jumped on the trampoline, helped with homework, and made sure they knew they are loved. After I joined the family and learned I was expecting, we knew that we wanted you watch the baby when I went back to work. We were fortunate that you weren’t only interested, but your school schedule also allowed you to take care of our baby. After six weeks of maternity leave and two weeks of vacation, I didn’t hesitate to leave my eight-week-old with you. You defrosted breast milk that I dutifully pumped at work for months. You changed endless diapers, handled tummy time, rocked her to sleep for a zillion naps, and practiced walking and talking. You took Caroline to Mommy and Me music class, concerts in the park, Tutu Tots, and were over the moon when we told you I was pregnant again. On picture day at school, you still help the big girls with their hair. You help with homework and make sure that they don’t eat their body weight in junk as an afterschool “snack.” When I went into labor with Baby #2, you were the first person I called. You were on standby to come over and watch Caroline. You picked her up at the hospital after meeting her baby sister. Caroline still calls you “Boss,” which pretty much encapsulates your relationship.

Nanny Furniture is not available for purchase at your local Art Van

When Haley’s internship for school limited her availability, we posted a job on care.com and in rode Brinley on your white horse to save the day. You have quickly become a member of our family too. You take both girls to baby tumbling class, practice numbers, colors, and shapes, and according to Caroline, make the best macaroni and cheese this side of the Mississippi. It’s not lost on me that I did not contribute to Caroline and Eve recognizing their letters. I hardly think my throwing foam letters into the bath is how they learned them. That’s 100% due to your background in Elementary Education. You are the first person the girls ask for in the morning. Not Momma, not Dada, not a sissy. We hear a loud and clear “Binyee!” over the monitor each day. As soon as you walk in the door, Caroline starts dancing and yelling about how she’s “so ‘cited” to see you. (I would be offended if I wasn’t also ‘cited to finish getting ready without an audience.) You make sure that Maya wakes up in the morning and has her snow pants. You take all the little sisters to embarrass Brynn as she gets off the middle school bus.

In addition to your abilities in child care, you’re also mind-readers. When I am missing my gals during the day, my phone lights up with a picture, update, or video. Realize that we are close to being out of milk after I pull into the driveway? No worries. Brinley noticed and picked some up during an outing to Target. Stuck in traffic? Not a problem. Haley already put dinner in the oven, made sure homework was done, and can stay late until I get home.

This post doesn’t really do you justice. People really have to see you in action. Everyone who does immediately recognizes not only how special you are but how much you care about our girls. My entire family has commented on it, as do the other moms at dance or music class on the rare occasion that I am able to spectate. It’s exceptional, special, and awesome. We are so lucky. We are so blessed. We are so thankful.

With Love and Gratitude,

Chrissie and Rob

A Love Letter to Our Nannies

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