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Am I even Hire-able Anymore?

When my daughter was eight months old, I googled things like “Baby food recipes,” “Local baby classes,” and “Sensory activities to do with babies.” However, 2.5 years later with my eight-month-old son, I often find myself typing in “What to do with an English degree?,” “Stay-at-home-moms re-entering the workforce,” and “New resume trends” instead. Am […]

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It’s Not You. It’s Me: Breaking Up with My Phone

OK, OK. Hold your judgment. I swear I’m not “one of those moms.” I have a smartphone. And I use it. Heck, even my two-year-old daughter can impress a crowd with her ability to navigate her way around my Photos app, and trust me when I say this: those “bideos of baby Analise” have been […]

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