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Where Did My Babies Go?!

  My babies are growing up!  I swear it was not so long ago that I met the man I now call Husband, but in reality, it’s been almost 15 years.  And wasn’t it just yesterday that we became parents to a beautiful little girl?  How is it that today we have a nearly seven […]

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What’s In a Label? Part 3

As more and more of us become aware of what we put in our bodies and how nutrition can impact health, food labels have become more prominent.  Since 2006, The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has specific guidelines regarding what information must be provided and how it should be stated.  The goal is to make […]

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Christmas Less Cluttered: A Gift Guide

I’m going to say up front that I LOVE giving gifts! Having a baby was a great excuse to roam Toys-R-Us as an adult, and my husband and I truly enjoy giving our kids the things they want when it is within our means. Our kids have the added bonus of being the only grandchildren […]

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