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#metoo … And Probably You Too

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve been on Facebook and you’ve seen the swarm of women updating their status with #metoo. Some are sharing personal stories, some are sharing empowering quotes, and some are keeping it short with just the hashtag. But it’s being shared nonetheless. It is outrageous that this even needs […]

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You Shouldn’t Ask

I walked into her office. This woman who I interact with a handful of times throughout the year. Most recently a week ago. when we spoke for about an hour. This time I had a purpose, a follow up to what we previously talked about. I had my words prepared. This woman is a professional, […]

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Minivan Mama For Life!

5 Reasons a Minivan is the Right Choice for Your Family The love of my life. My heart beats for you. My soulmate. My everything. You are every bit of perfect as I imagined. I don’t know how I survived without you in my life. I still remember the butterfly feeling I had the day […]

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