You May Be a Basic Mom If…

By now most of us have heard the term “basic _____” (You fill in the blank.)  If you aren’t familiar, according to a quick Google search it is “a slang term in American popular culture used to define the middle class who predominantly like mainstream products, trends, and music.” Basically, the cool group of girls from high school who had and still have all the popular things together. In all the mom groups and blogs I follow I noticed the majority of these women had the same things in common, they are in fact a basic mom.


Now, being a basic mom is not a bad thing….it just means you are up on popular culture…and trends. Or it could mean that you are just barely hanging on to your mom-sanity.  It could go either way.


Let’s break this down David Letterman style with a good ole top ten (actually top 15) list.


  1. Your ideal day consists of exploring Target, with your coffee and Cartwheel app…ALONE.


 14. You literally cannot function without your morning coffee.

Have to start the day with coffee. 🙂

  1. As soon as your coffee is done, you start counting down to wine o’clock.


  1. Pinterest crafts, parties, and home ideas are where you get all your real #momgoals


  1. If you aren’t a Pinterest mom you are an Amazon Prime mom…and darn proud of it. Two-day shipping? Yes, please.


  1. You have a favorite Nickelodeon, Nick Jr and/or Disney show- that you’ve watched without your child present. (Especially since Double Dare is back!) 


  1. The countdown to nap time is the only thing that gets you through the really rough days. (At least until naps are no longer a thing.)


  1. Rocking that mom uniform everyday- yoga pant and messy bun wearers unite!


  1. You have hidden in the bathroom, closet or another small space to avoid your children…even if it is just for a few minutes.


  1.  You spend way too much time setting up and posing your child for the PERFECT Instagram post.


     5. You have rewashed the same load of laundry more than three times.

Coffee and laundry!


  1.  GNO and MNO are essential to your sanity…even though all you do it talk about your kids the whole time.


  1. Once the kids are finally in bed you don’t know whether to finally clean the house, sleep or catch up on your DVR. (Or eat the hidden ice cream…)


  1. Your phone is your lifeline- from posting the perfect Instagram posts to distracting your kids for a moment of peace. YOU NEED IT.


  1. Constantly obsessing over how much you love your kids.

He only loves his bed and his mama.


Did you check anything off this list? 
How much of a basic mom are you?


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