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What You Need to Know Before Adopting Your Stepchild

  November is National Adoption Awareness Month. You probably know a stepparent. You likely have one, and may even be one yourself. You also probably know parents who have adopted their children, but how many stepparents do you know that legally adopted their stepchildren? *Raises hand* I did just that, and guess what? The marriage […]

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Teenage Daughter

What My Graduating Senior Has Taught Me About Parental Control

If you’re the parent of a graduating senior, this is probably a bittersweet time for you, and you may be wondering how this person you’ve raised, who is now officially an adult, is going to make it “out there” when he or she is still a child in so many ways. I mean, what are […]

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Feeling at Home

I remember sitting at our dining room table with my husband reading through the packet of paperwork and answering questions that only adoptive parents have to answer. Questions about birth parent medical history, mental health, drug use, smoking history, the list went on. Then more questions about the child we would adopt; age, race, sex, […]

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