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So This Is 40?-3

So This Is Forty?

In some ways it feels as if it hits you like a ton of bricks. In other ways it feels as if the best is yet to come. I’ll be honest in saying that I don’t fear turning forty like some of my friends, but it may be because I have some good role models. […]

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Destination: Detroit Outdoor Adventure Center

Outdoor Adventure Center: Detroit, Michigan. I have to say, I was never one of the moms who thought about hosting my kids birthday party anywhere but home; I know, crazy right. However, the anxiety I would get going to a bouncy birthday party left me in a state that was not so great. Plus I […]

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Pinterest Parties

Pinterest Parties and Other Tales of Woe

Saturday afternoon; I have 2 hours to make puff ball sea turtles for my daughters pink sea turtle themed birthday party while she naps. I am carefully tracing circles on the expensive card stock I bought just for the eyes and feet and muttering under my breath. As I glue everything together and get a head start on […]

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One Year Flew By . . .

How does one year pass so quickly? During pregnancy it feels like forever and a day. You count every second until your due date. Then at last that day comes and you meet the biggest LOVE of your life ! After that moment you are so busy with schedules, feedings, changing diapers, ALL while trying […]

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