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Introducing Farayha: Bloomfield Mom of 3

As I write this first post for the Detroit Moms Blog, I am hunched over nursing my 8 month old daughter who is wedged comfortably in her regular spot between my stomach and the laptop.  In between typing, I use my left hand to feed my two-year-old daughter — who sits to my right begrudgingly eating scrambled […]

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It’s Not You, It’s Me: Why I’ve Never Felt Mom-Shamed

I am shocked when a friend or peer tells me she’s been mom-shamed by her own kind. How the comments struck right to her heart. How she felt defeated by her decisions. I’ve been the third party in the conversation when they put up their proverbial dukes and defend themselves against a no-longer-present enemy. “And […]

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Alexa, Please Parent For me

“Alexa, Please Parent For Me.”

They've done it. The computers. They've gotten smarter than us and answered our prayers. It's now legal to have a sister wife. She costs about $180, and goes by the name "Alexa". Amazon's Echo has oft been referred to as a "glorified speaker", but I'm here to show you the ways it can be so [...]
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All I Want for Mother’s Day is for You to Leave Me Alone

Jewelry! Fancy brunch! Spa treatments! It’s the stuff Mother’s Day dreams are made of! Except when you’re pretty sure your piercings are closing from lack of wear, believe champagne is best drunk in the comfort of bare feet, and have a 2-year-old massage gift card that’s probably, you think, maybe in the bottom of a […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Attend BLOOM with Detroit Moms Blog!

BLOOM: A New & Expectant Mom Event at Rust Belt Market in Ferndale is less than a week away! Join us for an amazing evening of relaxation and pampering, chat with local pediatric experts, and enjoy some of our favorite Metro-Detroit food & products! Why should you attend BLOOM? Let us share our TOP TEN […]

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Breaking the Cycle : Struggles of an Overweight Mom

Beauty comes in all sizes. Real women have curves. Don’t weight your self-esteem. Wide Pride. Fat and Sassy. I have heard them all. I am an overweight mom. There, I said it. Anyone who can see me can know this but we don’t acknowledge it. Now it’s out of the way. I am not using […]

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