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Kindergarten Mom Finds Perfect Match for her College Savings Goals with MET

When the older of her two daughters entered kindergarten, Amy figured it was the ideal time to start planning for another milestone: college. She decided to use the money that was no longer going toward Nola’s daycare to purchase Michigan Education Trust (MET) prepaid tuition contracts for her and her younger sister, Iris. “All of […]

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Community College + Michigan Education Trust = Debt-Free College Educations!

It’s one piece of advice I’ve heard from every college savings expert: It’s never too late to begin socking away money for your child’s college education! Various strategies can get you on track to ease the burden of paying for college and minimize costs, the experts maintain. Two acquaintances of mine, Ingrid and Phil, are perfect […]

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Debunking College Savings Myths

We have partnered with MET to bring relevant and important information to DMB readers through this sponsored post.If your house is anything like mine, your children are starting to get excited about going back to school – new teachers, new supplies, new and old friends, and, in some cases, a new school. For your children, […]

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