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If I Am Not Here: An Open Letter to My Daughter

Dear Daughter, Your dad and I started doing estate planning recently and that means making sure you are taken care of first and foremost. We already started a college fund and bank account where all your birthday and Christmas money goes. Today we also talked about who will raise you if we cannot be here. […]

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Someone Has To Handle The Vomit

By now you’ve seen it. The photo of an adorable, vomit covered toddler (named Declan) in a car seat and Dad’s one-sided text conversation accompanying it. In no time at all, the post went viral. Dad tried desperately to get ahold of Mom who is out and not answering his calls or texts. He is a self-proclaimed “sympathetic vomiter” and […]

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The Second Man I Ever Loved

It wasn’t my husband. Of course my dad was deservedly the first, but he and my mom were very young. They needed their village. Luckily, they both had many siblings who were willing to help out, including four of the least likely sources: my dad’s younger brothers. Barely attending high school when I was born, these […]

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