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Husband and Best Friend: Not One in the Same?

I am aware that in many marriages people consider their spouse to be their confidant, their secret keeper and their other half.  I believe a spouse should be all those things when you are building and living a life together as partners; but is there really anything wrong with saying I also have a best […]

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Dear God

Are you there God? It’s me, Infertile.

A few weeks ago, I shared the lengthy story of my journey with infertility.  In that post I shared how I largely remained upbeat and positive through all the roadblocks we encountered.  However, there was another side to the mental aspect of our experiences that I would like to shine a light on today.  Everything […]

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What the IVF?

What the IVF? My Unexpected Journey with Infertility That I Totally Saw Coming

My story is not a short one, but in honor of October being National Miscarriage and Infant Loss awareness month I thought I would share the whole thing.  If one woman reading this feels less alone in her journey, it will be worth it. I always knew in the back of my mind that I […]

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