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Frugal Fridays Saving on Groceries

Frugal Friday :: A Step-by-Step Guide to Saving on Groceries

Happy Frugal Friday!  Today I’m sharing with you my foolproof method to saving big at the grocery store.   On average, I spend about $75 a week on groceries.  That’s for a family of 4!  Want to spend even less than that $75?  Eating more vegetarian meals significantly lowers the price of our groceries, making the weekly total […]

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The Sport of Resale Shopping

Do you have baby clothes and baby gear coming out your ears? I personally have to maneuver a labyrinth of plastic bins and precariously stacked toys to get though my garage. Are you ready to get rid of some or all of your gently used items, but reluctant to toss or give them away? Maybe […]

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