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Mental Health Spotlight: How I Cope with High-Functioning Anxiety

It’s a typical Wednesday morning, and I’m at Whole Foods perusing the plethora of children’s all-natural bath products. Suddenly, the cart handle feels moist under my palms. As the organic shampoos and fair trade lotions begin to blur before me, I become noticeably dizzy, even nauseous. My grip weakens as I attempt to stabilize my […]

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Am I Getting Too Old to Still Be Chasing Dreams?

A few years ago I came across a promotional post from a brand that I follow on Instagram. It was offering an opportunity to followers who were looking for a chance to jumpstart their dream career endeavors. It included a cash prize and a week in New York, shadowing an industry professional. I immediately clicked […]

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A Hat that Nourishes Your Soul: It’s National Make a Hat Day

What a fun excuse to add a hat to your collection! Today is National Make a Hat Day, and with autumn right around the corner, I’m thinking a cute, lightweight beanie sounds perfect. Sadly though, that’s not the type of hat I need most. What I could use most is another proverbial hat to add […]

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Aging Gracefully (With Help)

Always #29 I turned twenty-nine, again, recently. I honestly haven’t felt better in years. Maybe it’s the self-confidence that comes along with being in your thirties. Maybe it’s the strength of motherhood. Or is it all of my good habits? I usually work out (ish) three to five times a week, I drink loads of […]

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Detroit Art: Your Next Passion Project Inspired

Passion projects seem to be all the craze. I understand why, too. They connect you to something you love and effortlessly ignite a fire in your belly. As moms, we all wear a thousand hats that keep us quite busy, and honestly, the thought of a new project may sound overwhelming. Actually, it may sound […]

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I’m a Happy Mom

  I don’t do it all, but I still do a lot.  My days are full between running a household, owning a business, social time, staying current with Teen Mom (Free Butch, anyone?), the list goes on. But even with all of this on my mind, I still can close my eyes at the end of a long […]

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