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Mental Health Spotlight: How I Cope with High-Functioning Anxiety

It’s a typical Wednesday morning, and I’m at Whole Foods perusing the plethora of children’s all-natural bath products. Suddenly, the cart handle feels moist under my palms. As the organic shampoos and fair trade lotions begin to blur before me, I become noticeably dizzy, even nauseous. My grip weakens as I attempt to stabilize my […]

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A Hat that Nourishes Your Soul: It’s National Make a Hat Day

What a fun excuse to add a hat to your collection! Today is National Make a Hat Day, and with autumn right around the corner, I’m thinking a cute, lightweight beanie sounds perfect. Sadly though, that’s not the type of hat I need most. What I could use most is another proverbial hat to add […]

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aging gracefully

Aging Gracefully (With Help)

Always #29 I turned twenty-nine, again, recently. I honestly haven’t felt better in years. Maybe it’s the self-confidence that comes along with being in your thirties. Maybe it’s the strength of motherhood. Or is it all of my good habits? I usually work out (ish) three to five times a week, I drink loads of […]

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Infertility: Q&A From a Mama Who’s Living It

One in eight. One mommy waiting for preschool pickup. One woman in your Target checkout line. One mini-van maven in the Starbucks drive-thru queue on any given morning. One of your best friends.  One in eight women today suffer from the disease known as infertility. At age 30, my pedestrian knowledge of the subject was […]

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Groove Back

How I Got my Groove Back (Postpartum)

I don’t know if it was the exhaustion of having two, the four months of postpartum bleeding, and/or what seemed like the never-ending Detroit winter, but I was a hot mess after having my son. And I’m not sure if it was my mom’s battle with cancer, my close friends’ and family members’ struggle to […]

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