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Tips on how to be prepared in an emergency mommy mode

It’s An Emergency! A Few First-Timer Tips on How to be Prepared

April was a great month. I felt like I had it all together: the garden was weeded, the new-to-us swing set was power washed and stained, and all of our clean clothes magically found their way out of the laundry basket, into their respective drawers and closets – a Sisyphean task I assure you, and […]

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learning to love

Learning to Love My {new} Body

Some days I wake up, stumble to the bathroom, and look in the mirror at my sleep deprived self and cry. I cry like an overly emotional teenage girl. Me! The 32 year old successful woman cries. It is kind of pathetic. I cry because I hate the body that is looking back at me […]

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other moms

Finding your breastfeeding tribe!

Many mothers strive to breastfeed their babies from birth, for most it is an amazing experience they remember for years! Finding other mothers who are breastfeeding can be a great way to make new friends and feel supported through the breastfeeding journey. Have you checked out a local La Leche League meeting?   So what […]

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Giveaway by Rustic Maka Feb 2015

Featured Giveaway :: Rustic MAKA

<<Giveaway Announcement :: Rustic MAKA Remember our Mompreneur duo Kasia + Monica?!  If you missed their feature you can check it out here!  Their journey to making “pachy” {under arm} deodorants began almost 7 years ago when Kaisa shared her homemade deodorant with her sister!  Monica tried it out and was pleased with the results and […]

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