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Ultimate Hospital-Bag-Packing Guide!

It’s Go Time, Momma! Your baby’s arrival is imminent! If you haven’t yet already, it’s time to pack that infamous Hospital Bag. Ready, Set….wait a minute, what exactly are you supposed to pack? Do you really need all of those items listed on that form from your doctor? Come to think of it, where is […]

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Ulimate Fall Bucket list-2

The Ultimate Fall Bucket List In + Around Detroit

It’s that time of year again: long, hot days and warm, evening breezes are giving way to early, pink-sky sunsets and crisp, cool air. Fall in Michigan is upon us, one of the most beautiful and bountiful times of the year. Even the most seasoned and devoted summer lovers would be hard pressed to deny […]

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What’s in a label?

Have you ever wondered what all of those little stickers on your apples, tomatoes, and other produce were for?  Or the barcode on the everything else at the grocery store?  Surprisingly, they actually contain information that you might want to know! The four and five digit codes on produce stickers are to help make checkout […]

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