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Preschool at Home

Preschool at Home: A DIY Guide

Preschool. A seemingly harmless word, but it can send even the most zen parent into a panic attack. I’ve been an early childhood educator for 10 years, teaching Pre-K through first grade, but I didn’t truly realize how stressful and consuming it is to make the “right” choices for your child’s education until I became […]

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top 10 social skills for kids

Confessions of A Homeschool Mom: Social Skills 101

I homeschool. This post is not meant for only homeschool families, it’s meant for every parent and child out there. This is definately a choice that felt right for our family and I wouldn’t change it for ANYTHING.  The bond, the time and the love that I have shared with my family is irreplaceable.  There is […]

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