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Mental Health Spotlight: How I Cope with High-Functioning Anxiety

It’s a typical Wednesday morning, and I’m at Whole Foods perusing the plethora of children’s all-natural bath products. Suddenly, the cart handle feels moist under my palms. As the organic shampoos and fair trade lotions begin to blur before me, I become noticeably dizzy, even nauseous. My grip weakens as I attempt to stabilize my […]

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A Hat that Nourishes Your Soul: It’s National Make a Hat Day

What a fun excuse to add a hat to your collection! Today is National Make a Hat Day, and with autumn right around the corner, I’m thinking a cute, lightweight beanie sounds perfect. Sadly though, that’s not the type of hat I need most. What I could use most is another proverbial hat to add […]

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Style Guide

A Modish Mom’s Style Guide to the Morning Rush

I’m ugliest in the morning. I wake up looking like a mole-covered forest creature with spiderweb hair and sleep creases on my cheeks. Let’s not even discuss my dragon breath. I have precisely 45 minutes to get two little girls ready for school completely uncaffeinated. In the past, I have grabbed my cheap Costco leggings […]

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Groove Back

How I Got my Groove Back (Postpartum)

I don’t know if it was the exhaustion of having two, the four months of postpartum bleeding, and/or what seemed like the never-ending Detroit winter, but I was a hot mess after having my son. And I’m not sure if it was my mom’s battle with cancer, my close friends’ and family members’ struggle to […]

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Dry Dates

Hold the Hooch: Eight “Dry” Mom Dates in Detroit

Did you know that it’s possible to build relationships with your #momsquad sans spirits? Modern mom culture is wine-obsessed. I see it in my newsfeed every day- memes, t-shirts, and socks glorifying drinking as a means to survive motherhood. Oftentimes moms lean on the grapes for some liquid courage to make friends and sustain friendships. How […]

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Moms Night Out:: A Bad Moms Christmas

Save the date. Book your sitter. Grab your girlfriends. This is a Moms Night Out you don’t want to miss!     Start the holiday season with a good laugh:: Join the contributors of Detroit Moms Blog for an exclusive, moms-only screening of A Bad Moms Christmas! If you loved the original 2016 hit, you’re […]

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Paralyzed by Perfection: Learning to “Let it Go”

Extreme perfectionism can do two things to a person: it can either propel them forward into success, or it can paralyze them. I have been a Perfectionist for over 29 years. As a child, I made my bed every day starting at age 3. My pink bedroom was meticulously organized right down to Barbie’s fancy […]

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