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Lunch Lessons: Quick Tips to Make Packing {a little} Less Awful

Lunch. It’s the bane of mom-existence. If you’re anything like me, you dread making lunches for your child(ren). Not only is it difficult finding foods to send (I’d classify mine as semi-picky eaters), but it’s also a challenge to find foods that they can eat during their short lunch period. My soon-to-be first grader has […]

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Megan How to Create the Simple Organized Playroom

The Simply Organized Playroom: It’s Not A Myth

When it comes to organization my husband and I have magically always been on the same page. Our house stays extremely tidy and we actually enjoy keeping things in a certain order. We have the coordinated red and green bins for our Christmas decorations, bins for wrapping paper, bins birthday decorations, and bins for Halloween […]

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Saving for College-2

Saving for College: Options for Every Family

When it comes to saving for your child’s college, there are so many options it can be overwhelming. MESP 529, Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, Gerber Life College Plan, IRAs, bank savings accounts, money stuffed in a mattress. Which is the right choice? Well, the answer is more about what is right for YOU. For many […]

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