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Kindergarten Mom Finds Perfect Match for her College Savings Goals with MET

When the older of her two daughters entered kindergarten, Amy figured it was the ideal time to start planning for another milestone: college. She decided to use the money that was no longer going toward Nola’s daycare to purchase Michigan Education Trust (MET) prepaid tuition contracts for her and her younger sister, Iris. “All of […]

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Raising a Life-Long Reader

Detroit Moms Blog has partnered with Just Right Books Theresa Stothers Usborne Books and More to bring you this post. In the content below, she shares some tips based on her experience to help parents continually engage children in reading, creating life-long readers. Remember when your reader was little and convincing them to sit in [...]
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I Loathe Mom Conversations

Fact: It’s hard to make mom friends. Also a fact: We don’t make things any easier on ourselves. You’ve probably been in this scenario before: You’ve gathered all of your courage to go out and meet some new moms on your own. A feeling of nervousness and excitement overwhelms most of your senses as you […]

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My Kid Won’t Be Friends With Everyone, and That’s OK.

It’s Just the Begining… Every stage of parenting has its difficulties. Just when I think the worst is over, something new gets thrown my way. When it comes to my daughter Clara, everything is new for us. She is my oldest and every step of her journey I’m experiencing for the first time as a […]

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Are You Ready? Get Set! Off to Kindergarten They Go!

You blink your eyes and like that it’s time for kindergarten. It happens so fast. I cannot believe in two years my little guy will be going to kindergarten. A real school. We pretend and build towers in the living room, hang out downtown at the “beach”, play in the dirt and talk while eating […]

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Registration Day: One Mom’s Humorous Quest to Enroll her Son in Preschool

It’s 7:15am on a Saturday morning. You’re sitting in your parked car gripping a steaming hot coffee that cost $2.45 (which was also coincidentally your GPA back in the day). A bulging manila envelope is plopped on the seat next to you, its contents thick with a registration packet that mirrors a college application. With […]

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Groove Back

How I Got my Groove Back (Postpartum)

I don’t know if it was the exhaustion of having two, the four months of postpartum bleeding, and/or what seemed like the never-ending Detroit winter, but I was a hot mess after having my son. And I’m not sure if it was my mom’s battle with cancer, my close friends’ and family members’ struggle to […]

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