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I Refuse to Live in Fear

Growing up, stranger danger was just something you occasionally heard about on the news; Terrorist attacks happened abroad; And sex trafficking wasn’t something our parents worried about when taking us to the mall. Life was much different in the 80’s and 90’s. We could ride our bikes to school without locking them on the bike […]

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I Am Her

My Children Will Not Become Brock Turner As I read the reports of the Stanford swimmer who raped a young woman in the dirt behind a dumpster, the words of his father, the victim’s powerful statement, and the backlash from his resulting slap-on-the-wrist punishment it makes my stomach turn.  There are so many reasons why […]

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Finding the Blessings

When you are awoken at 2:30 am by a large “Whoomp” noise that shakes your house, followed by the smell of something burning, it’s hard to see a blessing in it. When you find yourself at an all night super store at 3am buying a carbon monoxide detector so you can sleep peacefully, it seems […]

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Social Media: How much are you really sharing?

Recently my husband made a comment to me about using my daughter’s image on articles I write that led to a further discussion on using her image on social media in general. I took his opinion to heart and decided to do some research. I’ll be honest, when I started the research, I thought I […]

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What’s In A Label? {Part 2}

When shopping for food, makeup, & personal care products, most folks take at least a cursory glance at the label.  Labels are supposed to provide information – identifying the product, the ingredients, the manufacturer, etc.  But what do those words on the label really mean?  Does “Natural” equate to organic?  Does “organic” mean it’s 100% […]

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