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The College Application Process

The College Application Process: A Student Timeline

According to Oxford Dictionaries Online, senioritis is “the supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.” As a former high school teacher and now a private tutor, I’ve repeatedly witnessed the outcome of this “condition,” and for most of these “stricken” students, their biggest […]

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Teenage Daughter

What My Graduating Senior Has Taught Me About Parental Control

If you’re the parent of a graduating senior, this is probably a bittersweet time for you, and you may be wondering how this person you’ve raised, who is now officially an adult, is going to make it “out there” when he or she is still a child in so many ways. I mean, what are […]

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Am I Qualified Teenager

Am I Really Qualified To Have A Teenager?

Life with my three darling boys (insert sarcasm) has been on cruise control for some miles now. Once we moved beyond the baby and little kid stage, there was a reprieve of sorts. Although sometimes extremely chaotic, days were mostly predictable: eat, school & family, eat, friends & video games, eat, homework, eat, activities & […]

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Tips to Getting ThroughM-Step Season

It’s Testing Time! Tips for Getting Through M-STEP Season

The Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress (M-STEP) begins in April for students throughout the state and continues into May. Schools will begin testing shortly after students return from spring break.   Although standardized tests have become more controversial over the years, they can be an important measure of how our students are performing and […]

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Guide to Vacation Bible School In + Around Detroit

Are you looking for a fun & inexpensive camp for your little ones this summer? Vacation Bible School is a great option! Each summer, churches all around Metro-Detroit offer VBS programs through their children’s ministries. Not a church-goer? Not a problem. VBS programs are open to the public, regardless of religious denomination. If you do […]

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Social Media: How much are you really sharing?

Recently my husband made a comment to me about using my daughter’s image on articles I write that led to a further discussion on using her image on social media in general. I took his opinion to heart and decided to do some research. I’ll be honest, when I started the research, I thought I […]

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Pumpkin Patches

Pumpkin Patches in Metro-Detroit: We’ve Got You Covered

October has arrived, along with a bountiful crop of PUMPKINS! We have so many wonderful orchards, farms and cider mills in Metro-Detroit offering u-pick pumpkins from their very own pumpkin patches. Read on to discover the classic (think warm donuts, hot cider and cozy hayrides!) and unique (train rides, GPS adventures and professionally designed corn […]

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Tips to help sell your home

Tips on the Impossible Task of Selling Your Home When You Have Little Kids

The thought of selling your home while you have multiple small children may seem like an impossible feat.  And honestly – it sucks…it really, truly sucks.  I speak from experience because this is what I am currently trying to do.  Between all the toys and sticky fingers, keeping a clean home is already difficult let […]

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top 10 social skills for kids

Confessions of A Homeschool Mom: Social Skills 101

I homeschool. This post is not meant for only homeschool families, it’s meant for every parent and child out there. This is definately a choice that felt right for our family and I wouldn’t change it for ANYTHING.  The bond, the time and the love that I have shared with my family is irreplaceable.  There is […]

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