DMB Welcomes Debbie, a Macomb Mom

Hello fellow mamas! I’m Debbie, Assistant Director of Operations for Detroit Moms Blog. I am so excited to be here and be part of this amazing community of women! 

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to you. 

::Down with Detroit:: 

I’ve lived the majority of my life in the mitten with the exception of a few short, yet formidable, years in the early 90’s when my dad’s job took us to Egypt. Once back stateside my folks settled in Novi where I finished highschool. Then it was off to Michigan State University complete my undergrad in advertising (Go Spartans!)

Downtown Detroit holds a special place in my heart because that’s actually where my husband, Michael, and I got engaged — at the top of the city (Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center) overlooking the Friday night fireworks display at Comerica Park. 

July 2012 | The Dearborn Inn

Michael and I live in Macomb where we’re raising our two little girls. We love all the nearby parks and family-friendly activities that Macomb has to offer. These days you can usually find us at the Detroit Zoo (the Polk Penguin Conservation Center is my favorite) or a local splash pad. One thing on my summer bucket list is to take the family to Belle Isle – can you believe I’ve never been?!

Date nights are a little more rare these days. When we are able to spend a little 1:1 time together we’re usually trying out new (to us) restaurants. Though, I actually think I prefer the day-dates to an evening out!!  

Parents Weekend 2017 | Traverse City

::My Life::

I have recently transitioned to being a SAHM after nearly 15 years of working in the Detroit Ad industry. Quitting my job was a really difficult decision for me. I struggled with the mom guilt when I was working yet worried what might happen to my career if I took a hiatus. Like every other mom out there I worry about making the right decisions for our family. I’m constantly weighing the pros and cons to every situation, almost to a fault. That aside, I am so thankful to have this opportunity to stay home with my girls because you know what they say, the days are long but the years are short. 

These days I get by on a lot of coffee, dry shampoo and my newfound “mom” wardrobe. I’m still learning to balance the chaos of everyday life. I could deliver client projects on time and on budget, but I can’t seem to coral my children to the car in order to get them to school on time. *shrug*

::Babies + Beyond::

I grew up an only child (but through marriage have inherited 7 siblings) so watching my girls, ages 4 and 2,  love on each other and form this incredible sisterly bond is a new experience for me that is really something special. 

Motherhood has changed me for sure. I’ve always been a type-A planner, thriving on schedules and to do lists. Needless to say, one of my biggest challenges as a mom has been learning to go with the flow and that I cannot control everything. These little people have their own agenda and I’ve had to pivot more times than a basketball player. But each day I get a little better and learn to embrace the chaos. 

Both of my girls were born at 40 weeks and 2 days

I love meeting fellow moms so feel free to connect with me, or follow along on Instagram @twoplusmeandyou



DMB Welcomes Debbie, a Macomb Mom

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  1. Unc Ed July 2, 2018 at 11:44 am #

    Debbie, I am impressed that you and Michael decided to be a SAHM. Teaching the girls the knowledge and family background to carry through their generation is something I regret doing with my Family. Being able to relate with pictures and movies of Family members past. Something they can treasure.
    Congrats again on your decision. I hope the best for you, Michael and the girls..

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