How I Met Your Father {and Why You Should Always Trust the Universe}

 I truly believe the universe is working FOR us at all times; I also believe that it will send you little whispers to help you along the way. Our story begins many years ago but you have to REALLY pay attention to see it.

We both went to the same high school in Garden City; however he was a senior and dating one of the prettiest girls in school. I was a freshmen who had my own boyfriend at the time who just happened to ALSO be a senior and shared some mutual friends with your dad (I had a thing for the class of ’98 apparently.) We knew of each other but only talked once or twice. This is the first whisper. I wasn’t ready to listen and was convinced I was in ‘love’ with my then boyfriend. 

He graduated and I did not see him again until the next whisper. I moved home from EMU after a semester of bad grades and was taking classes at Schoolcraft to rebuild my parents trust. I walked in to an Art History class that I only took to fill an elective. Who was sitting in one of the seats? The cute guy from high school. I sat in the row in front of him and we began to catch up. At one point he asked me to the library to study; now I thought this was some sort of excuse to spend time with me; but I was wrong. I showed up and we actually studied (I found out later he had a girlfriend at the time- which- REALLY?!?) Your dad will tell you he was honest in his intentions; I still argue the invitation was unclear; but I digress. The class ended; I moved back to Ypsilanti and finished school.

Enter Facebook. (This becomes relevant later on.)

St. Patty’s Day 2006 gave us our next encounter. The universe wasn’t giving up on us. We saw each other at a local Buffalo Wild Wings. We caught up over a few green beers and he was still pretty cute. I had a boyfriend at the time so we were just having a good time celebrating the day. (No mixed messages from me!)

January 2009. I had just started a new job and was trying to fill my time until the work came in. I was passing my time scrolling through Facebook and there he was. The cute guy that the universe kept putting in my world. I messaged him and said “Hi”. Your dad thinks I noticed that he was newly single and was seeking him out; but I stand by my story.  This time the whisper was LOUD. We went on our first date a couple weeks later. The rest is history

So many life events happened in the time before we got together that shaped both of us. The universe was being patient just waiting for us to be ready; add in social media and our love story finally took flight.


It might take 2 years; it might take 10; but always believe the universe is in your corner. It never means life will be easy, that there won’t be heartbreak, but it means that all of that stuff is preparing you to hear your whisper. Listen close. 

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  1. Lisa June 19, 2017 at 9:17 am #

    Such a cute story for one of the cutest couples I know!! I am glad the universe did its thing!

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