Introducing Holly, A Northern Macomb County Mom


I grew up in the small town of Marine City and lived your average small town life: Bike rides to Dairy Queen on the weekends, floating down the St. Clair river on summer days and attending my high school’s football games on crisp fall nights. Fun fact: I grew up alongside the fab Aubrey Moon, a contributor for the DMB. We’ve been friends since kindergarten, made it through a few rounds of high school sports together and now love a good sweat at The Barre Code in Rochester Hills.

After graduating high school in 2006, I had my heart set on nursing, which led me to Wayne State University. I loved WSU so much; I not only graduated with my BSN, I continued my education there and received my masters and became a CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife). Spending that much time in the heart of Detroit made me value the city for so many reasons, mostly for the fight and comeback I saw happening before my eyes and continue to see today. Whether it’s seeing the tree lighting at Campus Martius, running the Detroit Free Press Marathon (which I have proudly completed) or seeing a Red Wings game at LCA, the city is full of pride and hustle.

Registering for the big day…The Detroit Marathon


The last season at Joe Louis Arena

My Husband

Soon after my sister graduated high school in 2009 my parents packed up our childhood home and headed for the country: Dirt roads and barns, the whole country shebang. I do need to add that Miranda Lambert’s, “The house that built me”, came out at this exact time. You can imagine the water works that flowed when this song came on the radio. Skipping through all the sadness, this move is how I met my husband.

My parents bought a house on 14 acres that needed more then your average TLC, and part of some of the lovin’ it needed was new brick. Just so happened the mason my dad hired has a son who helped him out in the summer. Say hello to my husband. My husband always refers to this story as an “Armada Fairy Tale”. He proposed at Bronner’s in 2013 (my name is Holly Noelle, so it makes sense) and we got married in 2015. Our honeymoon was at the most magical place on earth…. Disney World! We finished off the trip on the Disney Cruise. Anyone who knows us is not surprised by our honeymoon destination.

Our proposal at Bronners


Hanging out with pluto on the Disney Cruise.

Then There Were Babies…

I’ve had the “mom” label since I was rather young. I always seemed to be the one my friends came to for advice and I definitely always took the safe and responsible route. This pretty much labels you as the groups “mom”. It didn’t take long after being married to realize we were ready for parenthood. So with that being said, we welcomed our son, Daniel Hudson into the world on February 4th, 2017. So punctual arriving on his due date! We loved all 9 pounds, 4 ounces of him from the moment we laid eyes on his chunky little butt. He’s now 15 months old and life with him is beyond amazing. So amazing, we figured, lets do it again! We are expecting Baby Gould #2 in late November. We kept the gender a surprise for Daniel and plan on doing the same this time around!

Daniel Hudson, hours old.


Career and Hobbies

I work full time as a Clinical Outcomes Coordinator (don’t feel bad if you have no idea what this job entails) for the Mclaren Health System. You may wonder why I am not practicing as a midwife? Well, I decided not to practice as a midwife at this point in my life and took on this role so I could have the most flexible schedule to be with my family as much as possible. When I’m not at work or up north at our cabin, you can find me behind the desk one night a week at The Barre Code in Rochester Hills (my home away from home) or working on my latest craft project.

I am currently addicted to my Cricket and am always looking for something to make! I have some pretty awesome friends who I’ve met throughout my nursing career and when we’re together you can find us cooking up a “fancy grilled cheese” and chatting about some pretty crazy nursing stories that only we would find amusing. Usually alongside me for all of lives adventures is the ultimate best friend, my sister. Lets face it, her and I are nearly four years apart, which means we spent a majority of our childhood hating each other, but now were best friends! If you see one of us, typically the other is not to far behind and we wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Taking class one week before Daniel was born with my Barre Bestie.


Weekend camping trip in Caseville with the girls.

Hope you enjoyed my story and as this read comes to an end, take a minute to wish me and my family luck as we embark on our new journey: Moving in with my parents so we can build our dream home and plan to move in to it the same month baby #2 arrives.

Introducing Holly, A Northern Macomb County Mom

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