Introducing JeeYoung: A Macomb Mom

Introducing JeeYoung!

:: Down with Detroit ::

I’ve been in Michigan for the majority of my life. My family and I came here from S. Korea back in 1990 and aside from a brief stint in California during my freshman year of college, Michigan has always been my home. I grew up in Troy and currently reside in Macomb with my husband and 2.5 little boys! I love visiting down towns from Detroit to Mackinac Island to Imlay City and everything in between. After doing the college tour around several different campuses in and out of MI, I graduated from Wayne State and spent my formidable college years exploring the city and everything it has to offer. It makes me so happy to see how much it’s developed in recent years!

My husband, David, is also from Troy (though we didn’t meet until after college in a few towns over!) and he’s lived in different parts of Michigan for all of his life. He’s a huge Detroit sports fan and we try to attend games as often as possible. We’re total foodies, so we love to explore new restaurants and festivals whenever we can find the time (or a babysitter)! We lament every winter about how we need to move to a warmer climate, but this is our home. We love the four seasons, our quiet weekends up north, and love taking our boys to different places that we grew up visiting all over Michigan!


:: My Life ::

I am a (mostly) work at home mom as a consultant and proposal writer. I enjoy sleeping, cooking, reading, writing, shopping, eating, and drinking hot coffee. All of life’s essential things that take a little bit more effort these days while parenting my little boys! I’m a total wanderlust, Jesus lover, and people person. I may seem like I have a tough exterior, but in truth, I wear my heart on my sleeve. My loyalty knows no bounds, once you’re in my circle and I find joy and happiness in serving others. I feel grateful to have a supportive network of friends and family to keep my (and my kids’) lives together. I seriously don’t know how I would do life without them. Oh yes, and I totally believe Targeting is a verb and way of life!
On a whim last Spring, I decided to start a lifestyle and parenting blog over at Simply + Every. It’s been a wonderful way to connect with other mamas and my journey brought me to this wonderful network of moms and dads! I firmly believe that we survive this happy chaos of parenting with the help and support of people around us.

:: Babies & Beyond ::

I am a boy mom for life! I have two littles, Austin (4) & Camden (18 months) and a new little baby boy on the way, due to arrive in June! My two oldest boys are complete opposites in personality, but love to wrestle and laugh and love on their mama all the same. I’m 26 weeks pregnant and I am still in shock mode that I will be a mama to three babies! I think it’ll probably stay that way until his arrival this summer.

My mantra in motherhood has always been “everything in moderation” & “go with the flow.” As a self-proclaimed A-type OCD personality, this goes against the very nature of my being, but it has served me well in this roller coaster ride of parenting. I’m only four years in, but I’ve learned that it is a constant flow of reminders and a-ha moments that repeat itself throughout the cycle of our days.

Motherhood is a dichotomy of emotions. It’s raw and it’s pure. It’s been the greatest teacher in my life and I know that I’m learning constantly about myself as a mother and a woman. And through all of the ups and downs, the one reminder I try to tell myself from time to time is to give myself grace. Because despite my shortcomings, their love for me is completely and utterly unconditional.

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  1. Tina P March 29, 2017 at 11:47 pm #

    Love it!!! So happy for you, JeeYoung! 🙂 Love your writing!

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