Introducing Kelly Houseman: A Birmingham Mom

Introducing Kelly!

:: Down with Detroit ::

The old saying you don’t know what you got ‘till its gone hits close to home for me. Growing up in the northern suburbs all my life, this Michigan girl got a run for her money when my husband and I moved to New York City for five years. Then we spent a year in Nashville where the Music City won us over. But as that other saying goes: there is no place like home!

Almost three years ago we decided to make Michigan home sweet home once again. We settled on buying our first home in Birmingham and have fallen in love with the area ever since. We frequent many of the local downtown restaurants and having a brewery within walking distance is a beer filled dream come true.

 Heading to downtown  Detroit this night for a charity ball.

In the short six years we were away both of us were blown away by how far and delicious downtown Detroit has become! We have been many times checking out the concert scene, new restaurants that have not disappointed, and I even took my fear of heights head on and rode the elevator to the top of the Renaissance Center. Not saying I looked out of the all glass window, but hey I made it.

Of course our personal favorite Detroit spot is Greektown. We are partial because we got married there but they do have some of the best Greek food this side of the Atlantic. I have a huge list of hot new spots to try and my goal this year is to visit as many as I can.

:: My Life ::

While being a mother takes up most of my sanity and energy, outside of that my other title is mental health counselor. I run my own private counseling practice part time where I focus on women’s issues including pre and postnatal mental maternal mental health and parenting.

Seeing my name on my office door has been one of my proudest moments

I have known from a young age that being a therapist was my ultimate calling. I love the power, trust and challenge that comes from working closely with another person and motivating them to seek their potential and build strength from within.

As mothers we are pulled in so many directions but self-care is not a luxury, it really is a necessity. Being a therapist has given me a new appreciation for life and my own innate ability to make it great. I think talking to someone whether it is a counselor, girlfriend or even an online forum {or a blogging site dedicated to Detroit moms cough cough} reaching out and connecting with others is essential.

I am also a member of a few local philanthropic organizations. Being in the helping profession I feel like giving back makes me a happier person.

:: Babies & Beyond ::

Something about being married for 5 years without children gives grandmothers license to ask daily when a grandchild is coming! After her seemingly endless wait my mother finally got her wish and our son Knox (his name is an homage to our mother in law’s maiden name) was born in June of 2015.

Our baby announcement photo on Facebook

Being a nanny for 10 plus years before having our own child, I figured I had the child-rearing thing down pat. Oh how wrong I was! It is a whole other beast when you don’t get to go home to a quiet house after a 9-hour shift and sleep until noon. It is said all the time but being a mom has given a purpose in life and a love so strong it feels like your heart is going to just explode every time you look at your child. It is by far the hardest, most world rocking, stressful thing I have ever taken on but I would never trade it for anything in this world.

One of my favorite candid shots ever. I cherish these snuggles.

I am looking forward to joining the Detroit Moms Blog team to connect with the readers and hopefully make someone laugh and realize they are not alone in this journey. I am hoping my experience as a counselor can be helpful and my experience as a frazzled mom can be relatable. I am looking forward to writing and getting to know everyone!

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