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Hello Mamas on a Mission! My name is Stacy. I’m a 40-something pediatrician and an aspiring writer and speaker. My husband Will and I live in Troy with our son who is 3 years old. He’s a smart, funny and amazingly insightful little guy! Life has definitely changed since he came along. Let’s just say, I understand the mom’s in my practice so much better since becoming a mom myself.

How it All Started

I’m originally from Lansing, Michigan where I grew up a die-hard Spartan. Who would have thought I’d end up at The University of Michigan? Although, I’m a true wolverine there will always be a special place in my heart for the Spartans.  At Michigan I majored in Sociology but was also pre-med. I’ve wanted to be a doctor since I was 4 years old. I chose pediatrics because it is amazing to witness all the changes children go through as they grow and mature. I also love the relationships that develop with the families I care for. After Michigan I went to Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee. I LOVED Nashville and just knew I was going to stay, but God had a different plan. After interviewing I chose Children’s Hospital of Michigan here in Detroit to train as a pediatrician. And the rest is history, I have learned so much about myself and the city of Detroit since moving here in 1996.   As we grow and develop as a city there is a great need for people who truly care not only about the city and its development but also care about the people. I consider myself one of them and I’m committed to practicing in the city and serving the people of Detroit.

Marriage, Family and Mission

It’s through a family in my practice I met my husband 14 years ago. It’s hard to believe my husband Will and I just celebrated our 10 year anniversary. I love being married and doing life with him. Ten years in and I’m still learning so much. He works in Flint as an EMT. And I work as a pediatrician in Detroit. Ultimately we want to be involved in advocacy that creates lasting changes for the children of Detroit. When we’re not working we enjoy hanging out in the city exploring all the changes, trying new restaurants, going to events and hanging out with friends in the Metro area. But truth be told because of our busy schedules sometimes chill’n at home with pizza and movies and catching up on life works too.

We are part of the sandwich generation. My parents are in their late 70’s/early 80’s so another big part of our life includes frequent travel to Lansing to check on them. I’m so thankful they’re around and can be a part of our life. They also love seeing their grandson who we call the therapeutic kid. He brings them so much joy and laughter.

Preparing for the Future

As we celebrate our 10 year anniversary we are doing some serious overviews of how we do life. I’m big on doing more with less. But the reality of it can be tough. Clutter is a killer. I already read one DMB posts that was helpful in this area. Maybe I’ll do a follow-up: How the clutter almost killed me!! LOL! If you’re reading this and want to share some tips my ears and eyes are wide open. While you’re at it I’d love to hear how you’re handling work/home balance, finding time to exercise, and making time for self-care.

Part of my constant effort with work/home balance is making sure I’m pursuing passion and not just getting stuck in my routine. I’m passionate about kids and the moms who care for them and always thinking about ways I can make a positive impact.   Writing for the DMB is another great opportunity to do this while growing my writing skills and learning from all of you. Let’s banish mom guilt, celebrate who we are, and build strong families together!

Introducing Stacy: A Troy Mom

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