Keeping the Ties (National Sibling’s Day)

Do you remember the good times with your sibling? Running around in the yard? Playing with Barbies, Batman vs. Joker, or roller-skating? What fun memories, right? You think back to your childhood and recall so many fond memories with your sibling(s), right? You know you have at least a few! Even if you and your siblings were distant, there are some memories you have that must be good.

Distance. It’s what happens when life changes in general. My sister and I have had our fair share of ups and downs. Barbies, endless amounts of dance classes and recitals, and numerous family events with our three cousins kept us very busy. We were the inseparable five! My sister and I were so very close, and knew so much about each other growing up.

I admired to her so much. She went to beauty school, then to Western Michigan University graduating with an accounting degree, married right before her 24th birthday, and bought a house. All these amazing accomplishments made me proud to call her “my sister”. I looked up to her like a little sister should; she was a shining example of what I should do with my life.

My sister lives in Chicago with her family and two dogs. She and her family have a much different lifestyle as my family. They enjoy vacationing, keeping uber busy with extra-curricular activities, and hosting exchange students. My family enjoys Sunday dinners, keeping busy with just staying local and doing little things that fill our family up with joy. Whether it’s going to the mall, running errands, going to the movies, or a museum. Just being around family fulfills us. My husband works crazy hours, so when we do have time to spend together, we value it to the core. As you can tell, we have such different lives, but find ways to continue the family ties.

We find ways to keep one another updated and our kiddos connected cousins in a few different ways.

  1. Connecting on the phone. We schedule, yes, schedule, our phone conversations. We do text throughout the week(s), but make time to have a connected phone call.
  2. Making one-on-one time during visits. Regardless if it is a quick errand, coffee run in the morning, or a manicure we find time to get some sister time in during a visit.
  3. Day trip. We meet halfway to get some time to see one another, even if it’s taking the kids somewhere fun. At least we get to see one another and the kiddos enjoy some cousin time.
  4. Weekends away together. Now I have to be honest I am not a family trip type of person, but I look forward to getting a hotel and spending the weekend away from home every now and again. I look forward to time I can see my sister and her family and we all get a quick getaway.

Keeping the Ties (National Sibling's Day)

Its important to find ways that work for the each other to keep the connection alive and healthy since everyone has a different way of communicating and connecting. Its imperative to figure out what the other person values so everyone feels fulfilled in the relationship. Is it talking on the phone? Is it seeing one another every three months or once a year? What is their love language so you know how to connect with them? I dream of the day that she and I live in the same area, but for now we found ways to make the best out of the distance between us.

Keeping the Ties (National Sibling’s Day)

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