10 Tips to Encourage Reading in Your Home

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

In honor of Dr. Seuss, March has been named National Reading Month and is a perfect time to focus on reading and literacy in your home. Detroit Moms Blog is passionate about building a community of lifelong readers here in Detroit. Studies indicate that families who read together have stronger family connections, increased academic success of our children in school, and helps kids develop a lifelong love of books and reading.  

How can you celebrate National Reading Month with your kids? Here are 10 ideas to help encourage reading for every family member!

Visit your local library

Our local libraries are a valuable resource for kids of every age. Our libraries provide current, high-quality books of every genre, free internet access, and audiobook, CD, and DVD rentals.  In addition, they also reach out to the community with free and low-cost literacy programs such as story-time circles, how-to workshops, crafting sessions, and themed parties.

Visit a bookstore

Much like a library, our local bookstores offer many great programs and opportunities for the community. From author visits to themed events, bookstores immerse our children in a culture of literacy.  Also, buying a book can show your children that there is value in books. However, bookstores are also great for browsing!

Browse, Browse, Browse

Speaking of browsing, In the world of books, it is okay to browse. Books don’t need to be read cover to cover to create a meaningful learning experience. Stock up on a variety of non-fiction books filled with captivating images, unique content, and fast-facts. Leaving these books strategically around your home will increase the opportunities for kids to pick up books and spend time looking at pictures, reading captions, and learning new information.

Read Aloud Together

There is so much value in listening to a book being read aloud. Young children who are read aloud to begin to associate books with love, affection, and comfort. As children grow older, reading aloud can be a time to turn off technology and help family members wind down together in the evening. Read alouds are also a great way to help kids of all ages learn new vocabulary and increase their ability to tackle more difficult texts.

Listen to an Audio Book

No time for read alouds? No problem. Audio books are perfect for families on-the-go. Decide on a book that you can all listen to on those car rides to and from school, soccer practice, or piano lessons. Audio books are available for checkout at your local library, or through apps such as Kindle, Hoopla, and Audible.

Read a Book and Watch the Movie

One way to encourage a love of books in your home is to read a book title that has been made into a movie. There are hundreds of popular book titles that have been made into movies suitable for every age. For younger children consider picture books such as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs or Horton Hears a Who. Middle grade children might enjoy chapter books such as Diary of A Wimpy Kid or James and The Giant Peach. For a comprehensive list, visit Youth Lit Reviews here.

Play a Board Game

Board games have a lot of educational value. Many popular board games encourage reading, spelling, memory, communication, and vocabulary development. In addition they promote math skills, critical thinking, following directions, taking turns, and the list goes on! The benefits are endless. Consider playing a classic such as Clue, Monopoly, Scrabble, or Candy Land. As a bonus, it’s an opportunity to spend more time together as a family.  

Make a Special Reading Space in Your Home

Readers are motivated when they have a special spot to read, one that is away from distractions such as the TV, computer, or video games.  Find a place in your home that is cozy and inviting for curling up with a good book. For younger children, consider throwing pillows and blankets on the floor next to a bookshelf or even setting up a reading tent!

Read a Cookbook and Choose a Recipe to Make

A cookbook is a great literacy resource. Not only is there reading involved but also an opportunity for math! Find a recipe for your child to make and spend time together reading the recipe, gathering the ingredients, and creating something delicious.


Over the next few weeks, DMB will be posting book recommendations for all ages. Please share with us some of your favorite book titles as well. In addition, we’d love to see pictures of your family reading together this month. Tag us in your photos! Happy Reading!

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