New Year, New You {Still True?}

This year when everyone started asking what my new year’s resolution would be, I felt it was too personal. I have never felt this way before. I’ve always been one to share my resolutions about weight loss, diet plans, scheduling, me-time, etc. But this year, I kept quiet. I didn’t realize why until a little ways into the new year.

I heard a somewhat depressing statistic. Only 8% of people stick to their new year’s resolution. I can honestly say that in previously years, that held true for me.

I would go strong for the first month or two but then something would derail me. That being said, those resolutions were also so superficial. Lose more weight. Eat less food. Read more books. All great things but nothing that carried a substantial amount of emotion.

There seems to be a crazy trend this year of people taking it easy on themselves. Maybe it has something to do with this failure statistic. If we are so afraid of failure, and we never set a goal to begin with, then we will never fail. But, if there are no more new goals, are we really ever achieving anything?

This year, I think why I reacted so protectively and emotionally to my new year’s resolution, is because it involved my kids and my role as their mom and I don’t want to fail. I want to be more involved and hands-on. I want to make sure I’m finding the balance that I seem to strive for regularly and probably doesn’t actually exist. So, if I truly believe that I am chasing an unattainable goal, am I again just setting myself up for inevitable failure?

Not quite. Here’s how I plan to make little changes to be more present today, tomorrow, and all year-round for my kids, my husband, and myself.

  1. Walk away from devices. It sounds so easy but can be so hard. Whether it be a phone, tablet, or a TV, it’s all just noise that is distracting me from being present in my kids’ lives. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not putting it all out on the curb or anything. But, I’ll definitely be forcing some background silence in our household in exchange for family giggles.
  2.  It’ll be there tomorrow. I noticed how stressed out I would get over dirty dishes, laundry, and grocery shopping. I would dismiss my kids to their playroom while I rapidly got things done haphazardly and then literally lose sleep over my 50% job as mom, wife, house manager, etc. Guess, what? I’m so over that. I’m coming home from work, eating dinner, and we are plopping on the floor to play. If something needs to get done but doesn’t need to be done for tomorrow, it’s being added to a to-do list for later. It’ll be a priority for another day.
  3.  Learning to say no. There will be a new value system. There are those people in my life that add value and support me. I support them too. We are a team (they know who they are). At this place in my life, I’m shaping the life of tiny humans. It’s such an immense task when you really let yourself think about it. I also don’t want to miss it. So, I’m learning this year to say no to things that cause me to miss valued time with my family.  
  4.  Be intentional. This is a big one that I’ve seen with so many of my friends and family. I plan to use it in so many ways across everyday life. Intentional with my time. Really making sure I’m soaking in the time I have with people to make and keep great relationships. Intentional with my nutrition. Really making sure I am being a healthy and holistic person for myself and for my family. Intentional with my work. Really making sure I understand just how many people would kill to have even my worst day on the job, knowing I can always choose to have better days.
  5.  Stop caring so much. Not about those I love but about what others think. The only way I will truly accomplish each resolution above is to overcome this task. I need to stop caring what is going on with everyone on social media right now. My house does not always have to look perfect. Perfection is overrated. If people think I’m missing events for my kids/husband, well guess what? Think that all you want. I’m a great mom for it. Maybe I am now the crazy lady reading the ingredients a little closer in the grocery store. But, just pass on by… I’ll smile and you can keep your comments to yourself. I’m trying really hard not to think about what you’re saying.  

I guess you could say I’m being a little harder on myself than normal this year. But, this year, the gain is so much greater. Those that will benefit from these goals and resolutions, will be my family. Is there really anything more important than that?

So, it’s a couple months into the new year.  Think I’m making those little changes to help reach a bigger goal? Or am I just part of the 92%? Let’s hope I’m in the 8% – and you all get to hold me accountable!

Have you still stuck to your new year’s resolution?

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