boring mom

The Boring Mom

As a group we decided to pick out just one of those silly moments we have had as a mom, but I racked my brain and couldn’t think of anything outrageous enough to share. Yes, my kids say the darndest things and I have those moments where I think to myself “is this really happening?” […]

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Lauren M1

Introducing the DMB’s of Lauren……..

{Down with Detroit} Born and raised in the suburbs, I had very little exposure or experience with “The City”. I ended up going to college in Detroit (Wayne State University & University of Detroit Mercy) where I studied Architecture & Design. I fell in love with the sights and sounds. Whether it was new build construction […]

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Weekend happenings

Weekend Happenings {May 31st ~ June 1st}

Do you have your weekend plans yet?!  Are you looking to get out and do something with the kids?!  Or maybe  looking for something fun to do as a date night { + leave the kids home!!!}?!  Here are a few “Weekend*Happenings” we would like to share with you!  Hope you enjoy the weekend with your family […]

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Lauren H 1

Introducing the DMB’s of Lauren…..

{Down With Detroit} Life never turns out how you plan. I certainly wasn’t planning on living in the Detroit suburbs, I mean I sincerely hate winter, but I have to say this is a pretty cool town! The summers are more mild, there are many family-friendly places to go, and we have met some wonderful people […]

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mom and boys

Introducing the DMB’s of Annette…..

{Down with Detroit} I {heart} Detroit.  There is something about big cities that I completely whole-heartedly love, this love started as a kid when we would drive south to visit Florida.  I would always ask how many miles until the next BIG city and hope that I would be awake as we drove through.  My {love} grew and Architecture School became the next […]

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Profile Pic Beth + Annette

Hello world!!! Welcome to the Detroit Moms Blog!

Welcome!  We are so happy you have found us, we are Elizabeth Lewis and Annette Rioux founder and co-founder of the Detroit Moms Blog.  We met a few years ago through a local charity event, Relay for Life, and realized we had a lot in common, our stars aligned and with it came a great friendship […]

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