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Pregnancy & The Scale

“I’m not gonna look at the scale.”

“I just don’t even care anymore. I’m growing a human being! It’s fine. I’m fine.”

“Maybe I didn’t gain anything these past few weeks!”

This is what my brain sounds like on the drive to my prenatal appointments.

Yeah, so, I’m on my third pregnancy and I wish I could say I’ve grown less vain, but I have not. While in my first pregnancy I LOVED going to my OB appointments, you quickly learn that in order to see your favorite doctor (ahem, they have the drugs) you have to first face off with your arch nemesis: the scale. 

The scale that doesn’t discriminate no matter how big of a game you talk before you tentatively step on, one foot at a time, and it mercilessly spits out just how many pounds you’ve put on since your last appointment.  I always find it ironic that they check your blood pressure AFTER you hop onto that evil contraption. I know it’s important for your OB/midwife to keep an eye on how much you’ve gained/not gained, but it doesn’t stop me from wishing we didn’t have to go through it.



Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know the miracle of pregnancy makes it all worth it, but it’s HARD.  It’s so hard when you’ve had pregnancies somewhat close together and so maybe you never lost that last 5-10 pounds and you’re starting each pregnancy 5-10 pounds heavier than your last. It’s hard when at 23 weeks pregnancy you weigh as much as you did at 39 weeks pregnant with your last baby. It’s hard when you have to buy two sizes up in underwear because your butt has expanded so much that your comfiest panties now ride up like thongs. {Am I sharing too much? I blame the raging hormones for my lack of filter!} It’s hard when you feel like a beached whale and you have a friend that’s due around the same time as you and they look like there’s a volleyball in their shirt and haven’t gained an ounce anywhere else.

Gaining weight while pregnant is hard.

And let the record show for all the judgy McJudgerson Moms out there that I still do workout 2-3 times a week, chase two very active boys around, and eat a pretty healthy diet, so stop clucking your tongues and telling me it’s in my control. It is not. My body likes to be nice & padded while pregnant and I grow big babies, so there’s no reasoning with it.

I wish I had some magical tips to share that will make it easier for you to see the scale, but I don’t.  Sometimes I try to not look at the scale at OB appointments, but curiosity always gets the better of me and I peek open my eyes. I’ve heard of some women who go backwards on the scale, but once again, it depends on your self-control to not spin around and take a peek. I wish they had a scale that had no display on it, but it just auto transferred the data numbers to your medical record.  Wouldn’t that be amazing?! Then you’d be alerted only if there was a problem.

I just want to share that if you feel this way, you’re not alone. It’s really hard and I am right there with you as are a lot of other women. Of course it’s all worth it, but sometimes you just have to have a moment to wallow in it and that’s okay. Wallow, remind yourself of the miracle and take a walk around the block because fresh air and exercise somehow always make everything better.  Even if you can only walk a block before your bladder demands you find a bathroom STAT because you haven’t peed in 15 whole seconds.

How did you mentally deal with pregnancy weight gain?

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