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Can I tell you all a little secret? Sometimes, when I’m watching my husband get really super duper frustrated with something kid-related (like, say, puddles of milk and/or pee on the floor, stepping on a Lego razor blade in the middle of the night or having his toe turn black and blue because our one-year-old […]

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The Second Man I Ever Loved

It wasn’t my husband. Of course my dad was deservedly the first, but he and my mom were very young. They needed their village. Luckily, they both had many siblings who were willing to help out, including four of the least likely sources: my dad’s younger brothers. Barely attending high school when I was born, these […]

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why mothers day and fathers day are not the days I miss them the most

The Space Between … {Why Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are not the Days I Miss My Parents the Most}

May is now far behind us. Flower sales have returned to a normal level, brunch reservations have scaled back down, and the surge of posts honoring and thanking moms on my Facebook feed has dwindled back down to near non-existence.  As Mother’s Day memories wash away in the rain, we make way for electronics sales, grill […]

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