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Ultimate Hospital-Bag-Packing Guide!

It’s Go Time, Momma! Your baby’s arrival is imminent! If you haven’t yet already, it’s time to pack that infamous Hospital Bag. Ready, Set….wait a minute, what exactly are you supposed to pack? Do you really need all of those items listed on that form from your doctor? Come to think of it, where is […]

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Capturing those Kodak Moments and Photography Tips for you Mama!

Can you imagine going back to using Kodak Film and only having a roll of 24 pictures to take!?! I remember taking my film in and ordering doubles so I could give some away.    Today I just share my pictures on Google Plus or Facebook.  I can also take unlimited shots of my little ones and […]

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learning to love

Learning to Love My {new} Body

Some days I wake up, stumble to the bathroom, and look in the mirror at my sleep deprived self and cry. I cry like an overly emotional teenage girl. Me! The 32 year old successful woman cries. It is kind of pathetic. I cry because I hate the body that is looking back at me […]

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