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Discussing Our Differences

Discussing Our Differences with Kids

Kids say the darndest things. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s a curse word (oh, that’s just my kid? Never mind . . . ), sometimes it’s accidentally offensive. But what do you do when it’s REALLY offensive? What if it’s racist? Let’s back-up a second. My kids will have infinitely more privilege than me. I’m talking […]

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5 Things My Kids Have Made Me Hate

My kids have shown me what true, unconditional love is all about. I seriously don’t know what or who I have ever loved that could hold a candle to the type of insane, overwhelming adoration I have for my little boys. However, these same angelic children have brought new hatred into my life. In the almost […]

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Someone Has To Handle The Vomit

By now you’ve seen it. The photo of an adorable, vomit covered toddler (named Declan) in a car seat and Dad’s one-sided text conversation accompanying it. In no time at all, the post went viral. Dad tried desperately to get ahold of Mom who is out and not answering his calls or texts. He is a self-proclaimed “sympathetic vomiter” and […]

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Let's Talk About Poop, Baby

Let’s Talk About Poop, Baby.

Yes, poop. I’m just going to dispense with the formal ‘fecal matter’ term, and call a spade a spade. It’s poop. And it’s something that  parents of young children deal with. All. The. Time. Albeit a taboo and unsavory topic, it’s an important one. From the moment your precious little bundle of joy enters the […]

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