Things I Suck at as a Mom

It’s 8pm. The kids are asleep EARLY and you get a little you time. You flop on your bed and grab your phone to catch up on today’s social media and finally relax until . . .

Scroll, scroll, scroll . . . REALLY RAMIE!  Matching outfits, bows, the works! Good lord I hope nobody ever realizes Benny’s shoes didn’t even match on Thanksgiving. Ugh . . . I suck at dressing my kids. They never look put together like this. Ellie’s hair was a hot mess, not up in a cute little bow like Kenzie. 

Scroll, scroll, scroll . . . WAIT! Jax was actually signing “dear” and “Christmas” and “snow”! What have I done wrong with Ben? He still only signs “more” and he’s a year older than Jax. We watch all the signing time videos, and have since day 1. I suck. Maybe I just don’t do it consistently enough like Holly and Alex do. I failed him.

Defeated, feeling like crap, you keep scrolling only to feel more and more like a complete failure in the shadow of all these other amazing supermoms that just seem to get it. 

I’ve got a secret for you mamas. Are you ready? Listen up. 

You are amazing at something that those Mamas suck at, and those Mamas probably think the same thing about you when you brag. 

I’ve had people tell me on more than one occasion, “I don’t know how you do it.  You are such a great mom! You do so much with and for your kids!” I appreciate the compliment, but I’m here to let you all in on yet another secret. I suck at a LOT of things as a mom. 

When you see me post about how I went to four doctor appointments, worked a full-time job, and still somehow made time to make a homemade, whole-food, gluten-free dinner every night, give me a virtual high five. Dang it, I deserve it!  What I don’t want you to do though is start feeling guilty that you didn’t pull all that off, because guess what? Here’s what I probably didn’t pull off that week:

  • My house was most likely a complete disaster because I am an absent-minded slob. I struggle daily with putting things away and keeping things in order.
  • Ben probably missed his bus at least two times that week because I slept in. Yup . . . I’m a 37 year old woman that struggles with time management.
  • I may or may not have showered on more than one day.

I could go on and on, but I digress. Here’s my point ladies . . .

The way another mama shines should never be something that makes you feel bad about your own skills. Proudly cheer your fellow moms on for what they are rocking, and don’t be afraid to be vocal about what we struggle with as mamas.

Here are a few of my fellow DMB contributors to share what they struggle with and where they shine! 

“I suck at play time as a mom. I’d just rather enjoy watching their little minds discover and imagine. However, in that weakness I find strength because I feel I’m becoming really good at testing their foundational roots morally by helping them become independent and confident decision makers who exist well with others.” – Amber

“I stink at getting my kids to do chores and pick up. I know they’re still young, and it’s important to me, but I have NOT figured it out and would love to.  I am good at planning ahead to make sure my kids have what I consider to be cool childhood experiences, that don’t cost a lot. I think through these things in advance and make sure we have some fun stuff planned so they have awesome memories!” – Erin

“I swear too much in front of them-not the big words, but enough. They want to start a swear jar. 🙄 I’ve always been pretty organized with all the stuff that comes with kids-schedules, the house, etc. On a deeper level: my kids know family is important, and they know because we’re instilling that in them. They love being home and they love going to their grandparents.” – Jennifer

“Due to severe Postpartum Depression and Anxiety, I relied heavily on help from others to care for my son. While I understand that seeking help from others is in no way negative or indicative of my ability to mother, I feel like I missed out on everyday experiences. Today, my symptoms are under control and I’m happy to report that I revel daily in small ordinary moments with my son. I know that I’m a great Mom because I ask for help when I need it.”    – Lindsay

“I stink at keeping simple time limits I set for the kids. If I say five more minutes of iPad time, it always turns into ten (or more.) On the other hand, I am awesome at reading to my kids. We read 1,000 books before kindergarten for my six year old and are doing the same this year for my four year old! (Technically he got his brother’s 1000 too, so he’ll be super smart 🤣lol)” – Amy

Let’s do this ladies!  Tell us what you suck at as a mom, but then tell us what your superpower is as well!  We want to hear from you! #thingsisuckatasamom

I promise, it’s cathartic to pull off that social media perfection veil and let it all hang out!

Things I Suck at as a Mom


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