Time “Flu” By: A Busy Moms Hack for Flu Season

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It’s that dreadful time of year again! Flu and cold season. Does anyone else try to plan ahead and be on their sickness a-game? Ready to tackle any symptom at any time. I’m here to tell you that every year I have this intention. My Pinterest is covered with detox baths, fever hacks, and just about anything else a mom may search when looking for ways to ease the feeling of defeat as we try to make our children feel just a little bit better. 

Recently, I had the opportunity to check out Kmart and I’ll be honest, I was quite shocked that they are a one-stop shop when it comes to tackling flu and cold season. Here are 5 reasons why Kmart has proven to be a convenient health destination and busy moms hack for cold and flu season. 

  1. They offer the flu shot as well as other immunizations your child may need. Getting the flu shot at Kmart is simple and if you’re a parent who chooses to immunize this is a great place to head. You and your family can receive a flu shot for $0 with participating insurances. If you’re wondering if they take yours, take a minute and call them. If they don’t take your insurance the shot costs $27.99. The Kmart Pharmacy team is ready to help not only with your flu shot concerns but they are there to help you select over counter healthcare items as part of their “Care Beyond the Counter” approach. The best part is you don’t need an appointment to get you and your family the flu shot. Personally, I loved hearing that Kmart Pharmacy was ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index. For me, that says a lot about a business. 
  2. They offer a HUGE selection of over the counter items when it comes to the cold and flu. Whether you choose Tylenol or prefer the store brands for a little less, they have you covered. I loved that they offered natural alternatives as well. Our household loves Hyland’s, well maybe I love it because it isn’t full of all the added extras. I also noticed that Kmart has their own brand which seems pretty comparable to the brands you commonly see. In need of a cool moisture humidifier, you know, the one that has the stars that project onto the ceiling helping your sick little one fall asleep a little faster, they have it. It’s adorable and practical. Lets not leave off the bath time necessities either. They carry all your favorites and also their own brand of Night Time Baby Lotion and Bedtime Wash. It’s called Little Ones and it’s paraben free. Bonus, right?! 
  3. The toy aisle or for my toddler, the Christmas trees and lights. If you’re anything like our family we have to bribe our little humans quite often when it comes to making it through a store without any overly dramatic meltdowns. If you’re flying solo just head over there and let them stare in amazement if that still doesn’t work then head to the toy aisle for reinforcements. If you haven’t been into Kmart in while they are definitely not lacking in this department. They have aisles and aisles of toys which for me has proven to be quite a lifesaver at times. 
  4. Now lets talk snacks and drinks. When your little person is sick certain foods are a necessity. You need them and don’t want to have to run to multiple stores just to grab bread and Pedialyte. No thank you, this mama needs a one-stop shop. 
  5. The balloons! They have balloons already inflated so if you get there and your child just isn’t having it head over to the balloons and grab one for your child’s amusement. It got us through the entire store with minimal amounts of crying. 

This time of year isn’t one we look forward to and I think we can all agree that finding ways to make getting through a little easier is an absolute must. We’re thankful for Kmart and their customer service when it comes to helping moms help their kids feel a better. 



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