What We are Watching: Will & Grace

Are you in need of a laugh? Does the world feel like it’s too much right now? Do you feel like you just really need a break? Good news-  Will & Grace is back on Thursday night Must See TV! We here at DMB are super excited for it’s highly-anticipated premiere and can’t wait to cozy up on the couch with our blanket, popcorn, and glass of our favorite beverage to watch all the hilariousness commence!

A little background: Will & Grace began in 1998 and ended its run in 2006. It was a ground-breaking sitcom that brought humor into our living rooms and understanding to our hearts, and left a bit of a void behind when the Emmy award-winning series went off the air.

Still unsure as to why you need to set your DVR for Thursday at 9PM?  We bring you a list of reasons WE are excited for the comeback of this amazing show with an incredibly talented cast:

  • Karen Walker: This woman made it acceptable to say and do whatever you please so long as you called your subject “honey.” Her quick-wit and snappy zingers are hands-down unbeatable. We can’t wait to see what she’s up to now!
  • Celebrity guest stars: The first time around we saw so many celebrities make cameos: Britney Spears, Matt Lauer, Madonna, Demi Moore, and James Earl Jones, to name a few; All very relevant and fitting for the time. We cannot wait to see who stops by to visit, or shake things up, this time around.
  • Grace Adler: She is ALL OF US! Perfectly imperfect in her flaws and owning every minute of it. Her name truly embodies the character she is.
  • Will Truman: Will is the best friend we all should have. His love for Grace throughout the series was unconditional. He said what she always needed to hear, but picked up the pieces when she didn’t listen. We’re anxious to see if they’re still as close in 2017.
  • Jack McFarland: “Just Jack” is just funny! He’s our spirit animal; From his spontaneous dancing, to his one-liners, and his brilliant narcissism, he nails it EVERY TIME!
  • Karen & Jack (the dynamic duo): Although individually mentioned, they must be said as a pair. The comedic brilliance these characters brought was highly anticipated and never underwhelming. They, by far, have been one of the most entertaining and unpredictable duos ever (can we say that!?) on television.
  • Rosario: What is she doing?
  • The fashion, especially Grace’s (hair included), was always fun to see. Sometimes the outfits worked, while other times they were deflated . . . literally!
  • Friendship: Last but definitely not least, Will & Grace came down to friendship at the end of the day. They loved one another despite their differences, and always were there to cheer (or cheers!) each other on. No matter the storyline, at the end of each episode the bonds ALWAYS remained intact. Isn’t that what we all want . . . great friends, great laughs, and sometimes, a great drink?! We can’t wait to see where this charismatic and energizing foursome picks up in the reboot!!

Don’t forget to set your DVRs (although back then it was our VCRs!), and tune in to Will & Grace for the season premiere this Thursday, September 28th at 9:00 pm on NBC!

What was your favorite episode? Are you excited for the premiere?

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