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10 Ice Cream Experiences To Have In + Around Detroit

I don’t know if such a thing as an “ice cream rut” is even possible, but if you’ve found that you’ve already exhausted all 31 possibilities at Baskin Robbins, maybe it’s time to vary up your hot weather indulgences! With just about a month left before fall rolls in and the whole world turns to pumpkin, here are 10 different ice cream experiences to check off your summer bucket list! 


1. The Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Experience

Also known as “The Most Delicious Science Experiment Ever” Ice Cream Experience, Nice Modern Creamery is definitely the most unique way to indulge in this dairy obsession. Using large stand mixers, they combine liquid nitrogen, cream, and fresh, local ingredients to custom-make your order. Beyond being fantastically rich, it’s also an amazing thing to see! The first time we came, my five-year-old was begging to come back just after watching his dessert get made. Even better? They truly aspire to live up to their name by donating to the Hope Water Project for every cup they sell. (Note: They are owned by the franchisers of the Biggby Coffee they are located inside, so when if your GPS says it’s taking you to Biggby, don’t worry; it hasn’t caught your caffeine addiction.)

2. The Micro-Creamery Ice Cream Experience

If you want to try out more new trends in ice cream, check out a micro-creamery for original culinary concoctions not formerly known to the dairy world. If you have never heard of a micro-creamery, (I just had to Google it…) it’s basically the “craft beer” equivalent of ice cream — made in small batches (which means fresher, bigger flavors absent of frostburn and ice crystals) and taking on creative combinations. 

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3. The Downtown Ice Cream Experience

Obviously, we have a special place in our heart for all things Detroit, but when you add ice cream to the mix? WIN-WIN. If you’re spending your day downtown taking in the sites, check out one of these places to take in the treats.

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4. The Throwback Ice Cream Parlor Experience

Traditionalists take heart, there are still plenty of neighborhood favorite standbys to get you through the hot summer months!

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5. The International Ice Cream Experience

Arguably, there’s nothing more American than apple pie — except maybe that big scoop of ice cream on top. But we’re not the only ones who love this summertime favorite. 

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6. The DIY Ice Cream -- err, Frozen Yogurt -- Experience

Okay, so maybe this could also be called the Franchise Opportunity Experience, but this is so different than anything I had growing up. I remember someone actually having to explain what frozen yogurt is to me — heck, I’m a year older than TCBY! And maybe it’s the Type A part of me coming out, but I love having total creative control of my soft-serve. 

Where To Get It

  • Zoyo in Troy
  • Menchie’s  has multiple metro Detroit locations, click to find the closest one to you
  • Yogurtopia in Dearborn
  • Orange Leaf has multiple metro Detroit locations, click to find the closest one to you
  • Sweet Earth in Birmingham and Royal Oak

7. The Outdoor Ice Cream Stand Experience

This is what summer should taste like: warm nights lined up outside the glow of your favorite ice cream stand, waiting to get that ice cream twist cone so you can try to eat it before it melts down your arm. Grab plenty of napkins and find a spot on the curb!

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8. The Frozen Custard Ice Cream Experience

This is essentially soft-serves first cousin: your same basic ingredients as ice cream, but with egg yolk added in. This natural emulsifier results in a product that is thicker and smoother than your traditional cone.

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9. The Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Experience

What’s a better dessert, ice cream or cookies? Both! Whether you prefer your cookies cooked or in raw dough form, you’ll definitely level-up the experience by adding a scoop of small-batch ice cream between them!

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10. The Fresh off the Farm Ice Cream Experience

It’s hard to get any fresher than this!

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  1. Julie August 2, 2016 at 8:54 am #

    Ermas NEEDS to be on this list for frozen custard. Best place ever!

    • Nicole Torres August 12, 2016 at 5:16 pm #

      I will definitely check it out! I’m already looking forward to updating this ? thanks for the tip!

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